27 October 2022

Understanding Cloud Security and its Management

Understanding Cloud Security and its Management

The benefit of switching to cloud technology has now become the go-to choice for more and more companies in the market. Cloud computing helps companies to reduce the cost of infrastructure, as well as provide them with agility and scalability that give business the strategic advantages. With more companies conducting critical business computing functions, including their Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) in the cloud today, implementing cloud security has become a necessity that you cannot overlook. 

Cloud security refers to a type of cybersecurity that encompasses policies, procedures, and technology that allows companies to protect their data and information in their cloud computing system. It prevents and secures data breach, ransomware, hacking and other cybersecurity risks from attacking your cloud-stored data and other digital assets. Understanding cloud security, including all of its benefits, can help organizations to better protect themselves. Here are some of the best practices that you can start implementing in your organization to secure your business.

Implement data classification to identify sensitive or regulated data

One of the first steps that companies need to do to secure their data in their cloud computing system is to implement data classification to identify sensitive or regulated data. This means developing policies and procedures to evaluate how data is being accessed, used, and shared. Companies need to define access permissions for files and folders that contain sensitive information and make sure that your critical data is segregated from other data. It is also important to have a gover0ce system in place to ensure your highly sensitive data is following the regulatory requirements.

Identify suspicious activities by leveraging user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)

Capturing suspicious activities is very crucial to protect your data and information in your cloud system and prevent security threats from happening. One of the tools that is commonly implemented in cloud security is the user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA). This tool will help you better protect your data in your cloud system by feeding you information regarding uncommon user behaviors and the event of unauthorized access. 

Perform regular monitoring to fix cloud security risks right away

It is also very important to continue to perform regular monitoring tasks to detect security risks to fix it right away when it happens. For cloud security, it is important for organizations to schedule periodic vulnerability scans, system audits, and implement patches to fix security risks. Not only that, it is also very important to keep up to date with the industry regulations, maintain compliance, and make sure that your cloud data has the following best practices on how to protect your data and information.

Following the technology trend to move to the cloud, including implementing CPaaS Indonesia, it is very important for companies to understand what is cloud security and what are the best practices to implement this technology. Ensuring comprehensive policies, organizational security culture, and cloud security solutions are in place is very important for businesses to ensure high-quality cloud data is secured and well protected.

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