28 November 2022

Understanding What is neuCentrIX and Its Functions

Understanding What is neuCentrIX and Its Functions

The movement of the digital industry in most companies in Indonesia has also experienced development as well. One of them is by collecting a lot of data, both data from the company's internals and data from external companies, such as customer data.

The huge need for data management is proof that the need for Data Centers is increasingly needed. This was answered by PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) with neuCentrIX service. What is neuCentrIX? Let's study it together.

Understanding What is neuCentrIX

At the Indonesia Convention Cloud & Data Center 2019 event, Edwin Aristiawan as Director of Wholesale and International Services Telkom introduced the data center service he manages, namely neuCentrIX.

What is neuCentrIX? NeuCentrIX is a data center service that is connected to the Telkom network and other operators both domestically and globally. The convenience offered in neuCentrIX is that domestic content providers simply use neuCentrIX services in their nearest cities and can experience the benefits of global access.

How is the Development of neuCentrIX

Seeing the need for data centers in many industries in Indonesia, Telkom DWS continues to expand its service coverage. To date neuCentrIX is available in 17 locations, in 11 cities within the country, 3 locations in Singapore and 1 location in Hong Kong.

Built with world-class facilities that meet international standards, neuCentrIX has been and continues to strive to accommodate the market opportunities of content providers in Indonesia. More than 260 million Indonesians are regionally connected to neuCentrIX. In addition, millions of people from all over the world million are also connected through the existence of 65 points of presence through neuCentrIX.

Understanding neuCentrIX Functions in Specifics

NeuCentrIX is part of the TelkomGroup initiative that encourages the occurrence of the Indonesia Global Digital Hub. This is implemented by completing the Sea Cable Communication System (SKKL) project, Indonesia Global Gateway (IGG) which connects cable systems from two continents, namely Europe and America.

One of the tangible manifestations of the support of the Indonesia Global Digital Hub is to provide a data center to support the acceleration of digital ecosystem development in Indonesia.

Understanding NeuCentrIX Functions as a Data Center

As a data center, neuCentrIX certainly has the main function as a place for data storage and processing. More than that, neuCentrIX some other functions that are right for your business are as follows:

1. As a large-scale data storage place, be it government agencies, large companies or multinational companies.  Which data they have is certainly not small. In large-scale institutions, organizations and enterprises, cloud storage alone is not enough, so more storage space is needed to process and disseminate data to users in need.

2. As a private cloud, where neuCentrIX helps the process of hosting your internal business applications.  A simple example is the use of software for the CRM (customer relationship management) division and the ERP (enterprise resource planning) division.

Important Components in NeuCentrIX as a Data Center

As a data center, neuCentrIX also offers several facilities and infrastructure that support the work process of the data center itself. Some of the core elements of a data center are as follows:

1. Computer equipment, including desktops, servers, and racks. 

2. Network infrastructure, such as modems, routers, switches, and other components that connect data centers with servers, storage, to users. 

3. Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS) consisting of power sources, battery backups, to generators to ensure that the flow of electricity will not stop. 

4. Storage infrastructure consisting of solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disc drives (HDDs), tape drives, and backup storage used to store all data. 

5. Climate control system, namely a computer room containing air conditioner and heating, ventilation so as to maintain room temperature stability. 

Security that includes physical security (example: CCTV, security officers, biometrics, and mantraps) and digital security (example: firewalls).

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