28 April 2021

Uses of MSIGHT in Big Data Operations

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In the previous article [link], we have learned what MSIGHT is. In short, MSIGHT is providing telco big data services. Operated on a business-to-business (B2B) basis through the support of Telkom DWS, the unit caters to various organizations—from industrial sectors like fi0ces, transportation, e-commerce, retail, digital, advertising and many more to government institutions. Basically the unit seeks to help these organizations boost their operations through big data solutions.

MSIGHT carries several functions for corporate clients. We will look at them one by one.

Data cleansing

Ever having to deal with the load of an inactive database? The data cleansing feature of MSIGHT segregates the inactive database through the API Active Status, clearing out your space for more efficient operation. Through the solution, clients can enhance their customers’ data using the API Active Status. Telkomsel, meanwhile, sends API results to clients. All in all, the data cleansing feature helps optimize data utilization, while making the data update processes more efficient along the way.

Data verification

Data verification is a system which matches customers’ personal documents (in this case, ID-card) inputted to the system with the one available on the clients’ database, in order to distinguish real clients from impostors. MSIGHT helps clients enhance their customers’ data with an API ID-card matching system, which matches scans/photos of the ID card submitted by the customer to the client’s website with the record stored on their database. Then, Telkomsel sends API results on whether these two files match or not to the client. 

Up and cross-sell to existing customers

The whole jargon means, in plain terms, maximizing the potentials of existing customers through effective campaigns with suitable segmentation. The client enhances their customers’ data with API Interest, to basically map out a pattern of their customers’ different preferences, based on their different backgrounds. Telkomsel sends the API result to client. The API Interest system, in the end, will allow clients to send relatable advertising contents and specific promo, which have been catered to suit customers’ interests and trends.

Telkomsel is able to map out each customer into several segments and interests, a segmentation which has now covered about 51 audience segments, from those who like gaming and gambling to the ones who like cooking and fashion to the ones who enjoy automotive products and sports. Not just the leisure-related lifestyle, the segmentation also covers people’s interests in politics and fi0ce technology. These different segments will be analyzed and the analysis will be sent to the clients for the best precision marketing strategy.

Location verification

If the MSIGHT’s data verification solution separates legitimate customers from impostor ones using their personal documentation like ID card, the location verification feature separates legitimate customers from potentially impostor ones using location marker. MSIGHT helps clients enhance their customers’ data with API location verification system, while Telkomsel sends API results to the client. 

Number recycling

Finally, the number recycling feature also seeks to distinguish real customers from impostors by tracking changes in customers’ mobile phone number, to help authentication and other phone-based vital functions. Client enhances their customers’ data with API Recycle Number and Telkomsel sends API results to the clients.

With MSIGHT, not only can you boost the efficiency of your data operation, you can also boost the efficiency of your segmentation-based precision marketing as well as digital security by preventing impostors from disguising as your customers all at the same time.

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