28 July 2021

Wholesale TV Box: Your Comprehensive Smart TV Solution


Thanks to better inter-device connectivity, nowadays we can connect any consoles to the big TV screen for better audiovisual experience. You can watch an Instagram live or YouTube livestream from the big screen by connecting your smartphone to your TV. Obviously, you can also connect more game devices to the TV. 

In order to enhance your smart TV experience, Telkom Indonesia and MetraNet have a service called Wholesale TV Box. It is a comprehensive smart TV solution which helps you manage a wide range of audiovisual activities, from watching contents, playing games, to making video calls across various devices with a very hands-on remote control system.

However, users often have to purchase services separately from the ISP and content provider. So, to provide Smart TV solutions with competitive advantages to customers, ISPs who want to expand consumer segmentation in the hotel, hospital, housing and apartment sectors can rely on Wholesale TV Box. Its white-label feature is beneficial to reach out customer more personally.

Wholesale TV Box’s basic features

True to its name, it seeks to enhance your experience of the “box”, or the television screen. Basically, Wholesale TV Box is 4K a set-top Box equipped with 2GB RAM and 8GB internet storage capacity. Wholesale TV Box also has several USB ports, which allows for better inter-device connections. Wholesale TV Box is also supported by a GoogleVoice search engine and SD card features.

Wholesale TV Box’s basic contents, meanwhile, are suitable for built-in UseeTV Go and Google PlayStore’s OTT Chromecast, which allows you to perform content casting and mirroring straight from your smartphone. It also has a Bluetooth remote control—you can also flexibly use your smartphone as an Wholesale TV Box remote control, which is useful particularly when you are playing games. The Wholesale TV Box is a service for over-the-top (OTT) which ISPs are run on a subscriber basis. 

The benefits of Wholesale TV Box for subscribers

Through Wholesale TV Box, subscribers will get access to premium content from Telkom Group and Google. Wholesale TV Box subscribers will also get access to Linear TV, VOD movies, music, games, applications and many more. This way, you can integrate all your entertainment and communications activities into a single setup solution.

In terms of TV contents, Wholesale TV Box offers a wide range of programs, from animes and Korean series to Bollywood and news. It also has some pre-installed apps like DisneyMagic (DMagic), USeeTV Go, UMeetMe and gameQoo. DMagic is an educational channel which makes learning and playing much more fun for the young ones, with its troupe of much-loved Disney characters. Meanwhile, UMeetMe allows you to enjoy high-quality video calls straight through your big-sized, high-resolution TV screen. This video call synchronization feature will be especially delightful for individuals who have friends and relatives living in different towns or countries, thus helping them maintain their communications. Finally, gameQoo is a “warehouse” of various sports, arcade and RPG games, suitable for game enthusiasts.

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28 July 2021
Wholesale TV Box: Your Comprehensive Smart TV Solution

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