27 October 2022

Why Cloud Communication is Essential for your Business

Why Cloud Communication is Essential for your Business

As companies are now becoming more decentralized with branches all over the world and policies allowing work from anywhere, the needs for cloud communications continue to grow. Cloud communications enable companies to have multiple communication channels to connect with their team and customers, including methods such as email, voice calls, chat, video, using internet-based connectivity that can eliminate bad connection and lag in communication. This technology offers an environment that is versatile, instant, scalable, stable and readily accessible. With a complete cloud communication, businesses who switch to cloud-based communication technology can have the mobility, scalability, security, reliability, and cost efficiency. 

Mobility: the ability to work from anywhere through any device

Cloud solutions provide more freedom for people to access the system from any locations through any devices. This will benefit companies who have branches in some remote locations or organizations that allow their employees to work from anywhere. During COVID-19 pandemic, this flexibility offered by cloud communications can help companies to continue running their critical operations remotely, therefore reducing the risk of the COVID-19. Not only that, cloud solutions can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile applications with great features and compatibility, allowing users to obtain real-time information whenever they need.

Scalability, Security, and Reliability: ease of use, safe connection, and ensure business continuity

Having the capabilities that traditional communication platforms do not have, cloud communications can be simply personalized based on your business needs. It allows companies to add or reduce the features and functionality of their communication platform with a simple configuration and deployment. Moreover, this technology is also equipped with data encryption, network security, and other compliance measures, ensuring the information being shared is secured and protected.To top it all, with the SLA and disaster recovery system offered by the cloud providers, the system can guarantee the continuity of your businesses, even during the most critical time.

Cost: pay-as-you-go model that let businesses grow

Cloud communications can be implemented by any company in any size. The pay-as-you-go model can help startup or smaller businesses with limited budgets implement this solution based on their necessity. It can help businesses manage their cash flow by reducing the need to have a big investment upfront. In addition, this technology can also reduce the operational cost by providing cheaper international calling options through network calling.

With all the advantages of a cloud-based communication system for your business, it is very important for your organization to start exploring the possibility to move your current system to cloud. Implementing Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) Indonesia and migrating your communication system to cloud can help your organization to better deliver your services and grow your business in a more sustainable way. It provides multi-platform unification, mobility, rapid scaling, and fi0cial flexibility that are very essential for businesses in today’s rapidly changing world. Through all these benefits, cloud communication platforms will give companies the freedom to grow however they choose. This is a technology that will bring your communication system to the next level.

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