Work-Life Balance in A Pandemic

30 December 2021

Work-Life Balance in A Pandemic

In a normal situation, the line between our jobs and private lives is usually clear enough, and we can easily set clear boundaries so that one does not invade the other. However, over the past few months, remote working has created a condition where our work and life are intertwined with one another, adding a whole new meaning to the phrase “work-life” balance. In such new and often confusing situation, how should we maintain the balance between our work and our lives? Here are some tips you may want to consider.

Set your priorities

Poor work-life balance is not only a cause, but also an effect of spending too much time on one aspect and not the other. To achieve a healthier work-life balance, setting your priorities straight can be very helpful. Creating a to-do list in order of importance can help you focus on your priorities. Priority leads to a more efficient way of working, which leads to more time you can spend to either work on a personal project or catch up with the TV series you love.

Allow yourself to do your hobby

Our lives are too precious to be wasted on routines, so if you find yourself drowning in works and responsibilities, doing things that (used to) ignite your passion may be a good way to keep a more balanced life. What was the last thing that made you feel alive? When was the last time you did that? We need to remind ourselves that we work to enrich our lives, and not the other way around. Don’t let your work detach yourself from your passion for what life has to offer.

Try something new

With the same room for working and nowhere to go, working from home can result in a monotonous life. According to CCSU Continuing Education, our brain is stimulated by novelty, so if boredom looms over you, spice things up by trying something new. When work becomes tedious, attend webinars relevant to your line of work. Communicate with your colleagues from different departments. Similarly, if your life slowly becomes repetitive, try something unusual like acquiring a new skill or ordering a food you’ve never tasted before. Let novelty spark your passion for your work and your life.

Catch up with family and friends

The “life” in “work-life balance” is not always about our hobby or passion. It is also constituted by the presence of our loved ones. Over the past few months, video calls have been largely associated with work-related meetings. Start using that video call app for getting in touch with your friends and family to catch up with how they’re doing. As humans, we all need connection. And in this pandemic, we need social connection now more than ever.

Learn to accept and treasure your work-life balance

If you’ve tried so many things, yet your coworker seems to have a better work-life balance than you… it’s alright! Probably you love your job so much since it gives you a space to live up to your greatest potentials. Or maybe your family is more of a priority for you as they need your emotional support. The idea of an ideal work-life balance is different for each person. Your current work-life balance situation may be just the one you need, and that’s okay. 

And for some people… work harder

Yes, you read that right. This is not for those of you who have worked hard and deserve a break. This one is for those who focus too much on the “life” part while neglecting the “work” part. “Work-life balance” should not be a phrase that justifies the lack of motivation to work. When work gives you little motivation, remember that the benefits you earn from working can make your life more comfortable. After all, isn’t that how “work-life balance” is supposed to be?

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