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06 January 2022

3 Ways the Cloud Increases Efficiency

Businesses in the digital age are equipped with an opportunity that can give them a lot of advantages. And that opportunity is only made possible by cloud utilization. For the past few years, we have witnessed small businesses go global and skyrocket in a short amount of time, thanks to cloud technology. In the video game industry, for instance, games developed by a small team can go viral and host millions of daily processes with the support of cloud. How does the cloud do this? Simply put, the cloud makes everything more efficient.

Here are three ways cloud can increase efficiency for companies in the digital age. 

1. Lowering Operating Cost

Operating cost (also known as operational cost) is a classic problem that business managers have to face. Different departments in a company typically need to catch up with increasing demands by asking for the management’s support. To make things worse, business costs can become unexpectedly high when problems occur. Ranging from performance to compliance issues, these problems can cost a lot, and business owners frequently need to cut some expenditures here and there to make ends meet.

By investing in cloud technology, businesses can significantly lower their operating costs. In the IT department alone, businesses can efficiently save 15% after implementing the cloud, as it maximizes efficiency and eliminates redundancy. As the cloud also improves productivity in many other departments, overall, a business can save much more. In a Forbes article, Quora reported that cloud technology has allowed their clients to save 30 – 50 %. That is a significant amount of improvement in terms of cost efficiency.

2. Supporting Remote Work

Remote work is here, and it seems that the trend will stay for years to come. The trend is accelerated as companies around the world find themselves surprised by the advantages of remote working. Despite the initial reluctance and fears, companies have accepted and even supported the implementation of remote working as it increases productivity while lowers cost. But a lot of remote workers are familiar with some problems that can arise from remote working: communication, security, and accessibility.

Thanks to cloud computing, remote workers can work more efficiently with a lot more flexibility. Coordinating with one another can be made so much easier as cloud storage facilitates this for all employees, regardless of their location. In terms of security, a lot of cloud providers are equipped with great security protocols, making company data more secure compared to saving them in hardware. The cloud also eliminates the need for office equipment, as employees can access data from their own devices. 

3. Processing Big Data in a Lightning Speed

As your business develops, so does your data. In the digital age, the data that a company acquires can be massive, and these sets of data are valuable as they give companies countless insights. If your company still uses on-site hardware, however, the amount of time needed for processing big data can be a lot. Aside from being time-consuming, on-premise hardware also has limits. It needs maintenance and upgrades, especially when your data grows exponentially. Not to mention, maintaining and upgrading hardware can cost some money.

All these problems simply go away when companies use cloud solutions. In 2017, Forrester reported that cloud solutions can process big data 750% faster than in-site hardware. To put it into perspective, all the processing that would normally take roughly one and a half weeks with on-site solutions could be finished in 1 day, with the help of cloud solutions. This significantly reduces the amount of time spent for big data processing, allowing your businesses to develop much faster, innovate continuously, and adapt to new challenges.

Better Efficiency with Cloud Solutions

In brief, cloud computing can maximize your company’s efficiency in so many ways, particularly by suppressing budget, supporting work-from-anywhere trend, and significantly cutting the time needed to process big data. Aside from these three, there are many other advantages that companies can get by investing in cloud solutions. Quoted by Business.com, Frost & Sullivan found that cloud increases productivity by 400%. Additionally, 93% of institution leaders believe that the cloud allows innovation to quickly thrive.

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