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10 March 2021

3 Tech-Based Company Categories That Must Have Call Masking Solutions

Technological advancement is essential in our lives. We can connect and coordinate with colleagues easily through technology. The blooming of tech companies, especially those focused on mobile phone apps, provides new opportunities in this era. On the other side, it raises the issue of private data because users are asked to give some information in order to use their digital services.

Protecting customer privacy, especially in this digital era is a legitimate concern. Phone number is one private data example that customers have to provide. Yet, as a business owner, communicating with customers is important to maintain the customers’ experience, offer your business promotions, and follow up the business transactions. With this problem, a call masking service can be the solution for your business.

What is call masking?

Call masking is one of the cloud telephony systems, a feature of CPaaS to protect customers and business phone numbers by using temporary phone numbers. This feature can mask the numbers to make anonymous communication. Customers or call centers are connected to a phone through a third-party (proxy) phone number that bridges the call. It prevents the call center from mining the customer's phone number and vice versa.

When the customers call your business’ call center, they automatically connect to a proxy virtual number. The call center showed up the masked number by the proxy. This is the basic system of call masking.

The Advantages of Call Masking

Protecting the customer's phone number is not the only advantage of call masking. It also has the role to establish your business. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider using a call masking service:

1. Raising The Customers’ Trust

With the issues of the trade of customers’ data, keeping private your data customers’ can make them trust your business. Call masking makes it possible to protect the data transaction between your business and your customers. This is the step to retaining the customers, make them be your loyal customers, and make more profit for your business. 

2. Monitoring The Conversation

All of the conversations on call masking can be recorded by the system. It can help you monitor your customer services, doing call tracking, and easily follow up on a customer’s complaint.

3. Save Your Budget

In the cloud telephony base, the proxy will be conducting the phone calls on the platform itself. It makes you reduce the expensive budget for mobile phone reimbursement. 

After we know the benefits of call masking and the importance of digital services for our life, let’s dive into the three important categories of mobile apps that can benefit greatly from a call masking service

Who need a call masking service?

1. E-commerce

The complexion of e-commerce digital service is connecting the customers, the merchant, and the third-party logistics. The customers want to know the details of the things that they want to buy from the merchant. After they deal with each other, the merchant should connect with the logistics company to send the stuff and the customer will communicate with the courier. There are so many stakeholders to make transactions and exchange private data, especially phone numbers to communicate. Having the call masking system can help you to protect the data of customers, merchants, and logistics companies.

2. Online Transportation

It’s impossible to book a taxi, car or motorcycle, without communicating with the driver. Online transportation. With the call masking, it is possible to communicate between the customers with the driver without knowing the call numbers of each other. The driver or the customers just see the call button on the apps.

3. Online Delivery Services

Call masking can be the solution for your customers’ support and logistic services. It is not only for the stuff ordering delivery, but it can be for food ordering delivery. The courier can call the customers to know the exact address without knowing the customer’s phone numbers and the customers can change delivery location without knowing the delivery service’s phone numbers.

The three digital companies above are familiar to most people, especially in this pandemic era. When we should do the physical distance, we use digital apps to fulfill our needs. With the growth of these businesses, utilizing call masking features of CPaaS should be a consideration for the business.

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