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13 June 2022

4 Most Common Cloud Computing Challenges & neuCloud Overcomes Them

For businesses, the cloud is no longer a luxury yet a necessity. Today, it’ll be weird if your company doesn’t depend on the cloud. However, this dependence doesn’t come without obstacles. Despite all the advantages cloud computing offers, many users are still facing issues in their efforts to fully leverage the cloud, so if you think your cloud implementation is challenging, worry not; it’s common.

The Common Challenges Faced by Cloud Users

There are the four most common challenges you may experience as a cloud user. Let’s take a closer look at them one by one.

Lack of Knowledge and Expertise

Believe it or not, working with the cloud can be tough. Cloud computing is complex and ever-evolving. To effectively leverage the cloud, you need a certain level of expertise and knowledge on the subject. Even if you have cloud professionals in the company, there’s a need for constant upskilling so they can manage the cloud with minimum issues and maximum reliability.

Cloud Cost Management

The cloud is generally affordable. However, there are some situations that may raise the costs. Under-optimized resources which aren’t used up to their full potential add up to the hidden costs. Spikes in usage also add up to the overall cost. Negligence in turning off resources when not being used also increases the cloud cost.

Data Security and Privacy

There are many types of security issues on the cloud, such as identity theft, data breaches, malware infections, and even data leaks due to human error—all leading to potential loss in revenue, reputation, and stature. To avoid breaches and cyber attacks, you need to carry out various measures: authentication, authorization, data encryption, access control, etc.

Multi-Cloud Environment

Businesses today choose multiple cloud deployment over single cloud deployment for better flexibility, availability, and scalability. Despite the benefits multiple cloud deployment offers, it often ends up being difficult and time-consuming to manage due to the differences between multiple cloud providers.

So, what should you do to eliminate the challenges and improve your experience as a cloud user? One of the easiest ways is by choosing a cloud provider which offers you the right features.

neuCloud and How We Overcome Your Challenges

Meet neuCloud! neuCloud is Telkom Indonesia’s cloud computing services. As one of the leading cloud providers in Indonesia, neuCloud offers you the capabilities of IaaS which grants you the power of virtual server and storage and three deployment models—private, public, and hybrid.

There are various perks you get as a neuCloud user. First, neuCloud guarantees not only network availability but also various network alternatives to choose from, including Telkom’s networks as the default connectivity option. Second, neuCloud offers three solutions to meet different demands: dediCa, elastiCa, and multiCa. Next, neuCloud offers customizable schemes to meet your requirements, including an affordable pay-per-use pricing model. Finally, neuCloud also includes various SaaS applications and other value-added solutions to complete the services.

But, how does neuCloud really improve our cloud experience? We’ve compiled four ways neuCloud overcomes the four challenges above. Let’s break it down.

neuCloud offers you full support.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about the cloud, choose a partner that can offer you its expertise when you’re lost. neuCloud is ready with an experienced, fully-trained support team to help you.

neuCloud offers a pay-as-you-use model.

To ensure you only pay for the resources you need and not anything else, choose a pay-as-you-use model. neuCloud offers you multiple plans you can choose based on your preferences.

neuCloud offers proven security solutions.

Though security is also your responsibility, you should choose a provider that guarantees data integrity, like neuCloud. neuCloud also offers 3 deployment models you can pick to meet your security requirements.

neuCloud offers to manage your multi-cloud environment.

A multi-cloud environment is easier to handle when it’s set up and managed by a provider. neuCloud offers multiCa that allows you to orchestrate multiple cloud services based on your needs.

So, convinced yet? Are you ready to collaborate with neuCloud? Contact us now!

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