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25 February 2021

5 Platforms to Automate your Office

Automation is one of the most groundbreaking inventions. It makes lives easier for a lot of businesses. Many companies nowadays welcome the post-Industrial Revolution 4.0 automation with relatively similar enthusiasm as they did in 1960s America. The impacts of automation do not always solely benefit business owners. In 2019, McKinsey predicted that while automation in Indonesia could displace 23 million jobs, it could create 24-46 million new ones.

For workers, automation also allows tasks to be less repetitive and tedious. It quickly gathers information about users, reminds you of important meetings, signs paperwork for you, and even filters the most suitable candidates for a job. In short, automation is proven to be very helpful for a lot of business processes. If you’re wondering which platforms you should use to automate your office, here are some recommendations of great platforms that can spice up your work with automation.

  1. UiPath

UiPath is one of the most well-known frontrunner of RPA (Robotic Process Automation). According to user reviews, their products are easy to use, and their cost is nothing compared to the platform’s capabilities. They offer a range of products, from Automation Cloud to Chatbots. They claim that their chatbot can chat in 40 languages, and their bots can speak to other robots, too. Rad.  

  1. XOR

For recruiters out there, XOR is probably your best friends. Xor.ai can be integrated with other platforms including LinkedIn, and its tag feature helps recruiters filter the most suitable candidates. Their product has been praised for being “user-friendly and intuitive”. In addition, in some user reviews, it is said that their product is customizable. Claiming to accelerate recruitment process by 33%, XOR is definitely a recommended platform.

  1. Hubspot

Hubspot is a marketing automation platform that has been helpful for businesses. The platform is said to be beneficial for small businesses with teams dedicated to digital marketing and CRM. Users also find their SEO tool and analytic dashboard more user-friendly than Google analytics. Their freemium model allows you to access many features for free. Oh, and they are also known to give discount for recurring clients.

  1. Dialpad

Dialpad is a platform that integrates phone calls, messaging, and meetings for your business. Users have found their setup and onboarding easy, and their customer service receives compliments. They have a BYOD (bring-your-own device) feature, which means that it can be integrated with your team members’ phones, reducing unnecessary costs for calls and IT mainte0ce. Furthermore, Dialpad also offers call analytics where you can see real-time metrics.

  1. BetterCloud

Companies usually use a lot of SaaS platforms, and this can give the IT department a lot of work to do, especially in ensuring cyber security. BetterCloud is basically a SaaS manager which can not only integrate SaaS in a centralized platform, but also automatically warn users of security issues and solve them. It is very helpful for IT department, and it gives ease of access to staff members who use multiple SaaS.

From marketing to IT security, automation can help businesses save a lot of time and boost productivity. UiPath, XOR, Hubspot, Dialpad, and BetterCloud are five platforms that can give your teams tremendous help. Each automation platform works differently and is most appropriate for certain departments, so make sure that you choose the right automation platform for your company according to your business needs.

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