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01 July 2024

5 Smart Devices You Should Prepare for the Safety and Comfort of Your Home

With the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, there are now new innovations that can be enjoyed, one of which is the smart home. As the latest technology, smart home is here to provide maximum comfort so that it makes it easier for residents to carry out activities in the house. Smart home devices make all the settings easier, such as turning on or off the lights. You can just use the app to do it without touching the switch. 

The use of smart home products also makes mobility more efficient. The reason is, you can manage everything through your cellphone, so you don't waste time and energy. Imagine, you forgot to lock your house while traveling. With smart home devices, you don't need to return home to check and make sure the door is locked. 

Interesting, isn't it? Do you want to simplify your activities at home and make your home look cooler? Let's see and install these 7 smart home devices in your home!

a. Smart Door Lock

You can control your door easily even from afar. The smart lock can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network and can be operated via an app on your smartphone.

b. Smart Lighting

Is a device related to lighting in the house. With smart lighting, lighting can be adjusted easily via a smartphone so that residents no longer need to bother walking to turn on or off the lights. Not only that, residents can also change the color of the lights according to their mood.

c. Smart CCTV

Smart CCTV, or smart surveillance cameras, are one of the smart devices that can be used at home. Smart CCTV is usually connected to the home internet network and can be accessed through applications on smartphones or tablets. Features on smart CCTV can vary, ranging from 24-hour monitoring, video recording, to notifications when detecting suspicious movements or sounds around the house.

d. Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are smart audio devices that can receive commands via voice or smartphone and are useful when you want to watch movies and listen to music without having to look for the device to turn on first. In addition, the commands given can actually affect other integrated devices.

e. Smart TV

Smart television is one of the devices that can support the application of smart home systems. Usually, this TV is internet-based so that the choice of shows becomes more and watching activities while relaxing becomes more satisfied.

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