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27 July 2021

5 Career Improvement Tips for IT Professionals

The tech sector is a dynamic terrain. There are always new challenges and innovations around the corner, and everything can move really quick. More people are coming into the IT workforce, and competition is getting fiercer. Meanwhile, budget strain has remained a classic problem for the tech department in many companies around the world, as reported by Comptia. As we all move to Q3 in 2021, professionals in the IT sector are expected to perform great despite the pressure. With rising demands and fluctuating trends, how can a tech worker remain competitive? Here are 5 things IT professionals should do to advance their career.

Staying Curious about Technology

They say that curiosity kills a cat, but curiosity kills stagnancy, too. Tech in 2025 is predicted to evolve, with numerous sectors expected to be leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Biometric Technology, and Blockchain will be among the frontrunners in the sector. As we’re facing more climate changes and global warming, energy management and transformation is also expected to be on the rise. Learning about these tech aspects will help IT professionals to stay in the game while advancing their career.

Catching up with latest gaps in the workforce

Part of staying curious about technology is to catch up with not only how technology develops over time, but also how the IT workforce is doing at the moment. Reportedly, there has been a 155% skill gap increment over the past three years. To add this, less than 60% of organizations are ready to give formal training for technical employees. All these obstacles for the IT sector point out to one conclusion: tech professionals who wish to stay ahead must strive for excellence. Sharpening yourself in skills that meet the IT market demands will help you improve.

Sharpening Communication Skills

We know, we know. Tech supports are rarely expected to use communication skill… or are they? According to Avik Chopra, the VP for Global Head Solutions and Consulting, only presentation and communication skill can make a tech worker stand out. Professionally speaking, communication skill will help tech experts advance their career. In addition, with the ever-changing landscape in technology, people will undoubtedly turn to IT experts for answers, and this is why there will always be demands for IT people with great communication skills. 

Watching Out for Burnouts

Workload for tech professionals is sometimes enormous. A company basically will depend on the IT department for a lot of things, from something important such as potential security threats to something more trivial such as requests from a guy forgetting his password (and hence not being able to log into his computer), tech support needs to fix almost literally everything. This might lead to burnouts, which will lead to decreased productivity. If you’re feeling burnouts, talk to someone if possible. A tech support sometimes needs some support, too. It’s normal.

Keeping Your Passion for Technology Alive

Sometimes we’re so caught up in routines that everything related to technology becomes a mere part of our daily tasks. And routines can lead to boredom. On the contrary, keeping your passion for IT will keep you fresh and make you constantly challenge yourself. Try to look for IT things that make you enthusiastic. Talk with other tech experts and enthusiasts. Start an IT project that helps people. Find out latest IT innovations and how they work. Staying passionate about the things you do will make it easier for you to get motivated and improve yourself.

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