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24 November 2021

5G and Cloud Computing: What to Expect

Our demand for proper internet connectivity is increasing as more and more inventions are made everyday. And soon, we will require connection and computing systems faster than our current technology to support a system of networks for Internet of Things (IoT). Srini Kalapala, Verizon’s VP of Technology Strategy and Network Cloud, predicts that our need for 5G will be similar to how 4G has become the standard since around 2012, when rapid emergence of streaming, online transportation, and gaming applications occurred.

And with our world leaning closer to all-things clouds on each day, the dependency for faster connection is just inevitable. Cloud computing and 5G infrastructure will work hand in hand to change and shape the world for years to come. In fact, they have begun revolutionizing the way we conduct our businesses. If you’re a business owner or an institution leader who’s always prepared for changes, brace yourself for several things that 5G and cloud computing are going to change.

1. Possibilities for Inventions

Do you constantly watch videos at TikTok, Instagram Reels, or similar apps? These apps wouldn’t exist in the first place without our 4G infrastructure. During the 3G era, watching too many videos would require you to either be patient and wait for buffering time, or pay a large sum of money to get better connectivity. With 4G, watching videos isn’t much of a big deal. Now with a connection 10x faster than what we have now, imagine the possibilities of apps that can be invented. Furthermore, app is just one side of the story. There will also be inventions in our devices, storage system, and other things.

2. Rapid Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

5G and cloud computing can rapidly develop small businesses and carry them to the global spotlight within days. Much faster business development will occur soon, especially when the business highly depends on technology (but which business doesn’t these days?). Gone are the days where businesses have to spend a huge sum of money to promote themselves abroad. Cloud computing, VMs, and other inventions will also eliminate the need for in-site infrastructure – significantly reducing spendings and operational costs.

3. Lower Customer Tolerance

There will be major shifts in customer tolerance. It doesn’t take an expert to predict that customers will require faster and more professional management of issues, as the currently developing technology will allow such things to happen. The e-sport industry, for instance, should expect demands on lower latency. Clients from the advertising industry will also expect better placement, more accurate predictions, and effective outreach as cloud computing allows programmatic ads. 5G and cloud infrastructure make things faster, and so should businesses.

4. Revolutionized Security System

Security of data has become one of the most important aspects in managing a business, and this aspect will become even more crucial as cyberthreats will also evolve in the era of 5G. Businesses will need to incorporate a better security system to manage, supervise, and overcome real-time threats. There will also be less human involvement in security management, as 5G and cloud infrastructure will take care of this issue. As 5G and cloud computing allow institutions to gather more data loads, the security stakes will also be higher.

5. More Fierce Competition

If 5G and cloud computing infrastructure can improve your business, it will certainly improve that of your competitors, too. Similar offers of products and services will proliferate, and improvement of customer management can also be found everywhere. This means that customers will have more options, and businesses will be required to do much better to raise their values among their competitors. Telkom DWS is ready to support your institution in the upcoming fierce competition. Don’t hesitate to contact us for incorporating the best tech solutions for your operations.

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