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08 May 2023

Acknowledge the Functions and Benefits of Using a Data Center

Data Center Functions and Benefits

A data center actually consists of various features and facilities that can be managed and utilized to support various needs of computer systems and components, including those for data storage to telecommunications.

The important function is a placement of web servers and databases. Inside, there are many servers arranged in such a way that it looks like a large library. In more detail, here are some of the functions and benefits that will be obtained from using a data center.

1. Serving business needs

The data center is believed to be able to handle various business needs and is always a very important asset, especially when your business is very dependent on the use of applications, services, and massive data flows.

The existence of a data center will also guarantee the continuity of the company's operations. Moreover, the data center in a business is designed to be able to achieve zero failure conditions from the various components that support it.

2. Large-scale data storage

The data center actually consists of a storage space with a very large capacity. This room consists of a number of components such as hard disks, tape drives, to other storage areas, including software for managing and copying databases.

Storage capacity in data centers can even be increased to hundreds, tens of thousands, up to millions of tera bytes according to company needs. It is not surprising that the more data you want to store, the higher the data center needs.

3. As a place to process data

In addition to storing data, the data center also has a function as a place for processing and processing data so that it will produce a variety of new information. This information will also be useful for the needs of the company.

Not only that, the data center is also useful in backing up data. If important business data is damaged or even lost, you still have copies that can be used for various needs.

4. Maintain server performance

Another function of a data center is to maintain the speed of data communication and uptime of the company's servers. That way, the server will remain stable to store and process various available data.

This is of course what then makes many data center service providers provide various guarantees related to the services they have. Some examples are "99.99% uptime", "no power interruption", and so on.

5. Private cloud service

Private cloud is a type of cloud storage service with data security and flexibility that can be tailored to your needs. Unlike the public cloud, private cloud can only provide services to individuals or a business organization for the company's internal needs.

An example is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which contains various customer and company data. If you don't use the best data center, of course, the security side of the data will be questioned.

Those are some of the functions and benefits of the data center that not many are aware of. If you're looking for the best data center with a global reach, Neucentrix can be the choice. Moreover, this service is provided directly by Telkom as one of the best providers in Indonesia. So, what are you waiting for, contact the Neucentrix team for more info!

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