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24 November 2022

All about IoT Security: Challenges and Solutions for Your Business

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a broad sector that attracts many businesses. But it has various security issues that pose a risk to investors. Better still, your company can gain more from the IoT if it focuses more on how to solve these security threats. 

So, this post will teach you the challenges and threats of IoT security. Also, you’ll learn about IoT security solutions.

IoT Security Challenges

Like any other form of technology, the IoT faces problems as it grows. Below are some security issues that come with using various IoT aspects.

1. Lack of Software Updates

Any IoT device without updates is vulnerable to malware, even with a small computing capacity. It’s a perfect entry point for criminals seeking to take down a company’s website and services through IoT devices.

2. Insecure Interfaces

Your IoT device must have software to record, process, and store data. But if your IoT device has improper authentication and authorization steps, it becomes vulnerable to hackers.

3. Lack of Proper Data Protection

Companies that have focused much on the IoT face the problem of losing their data. It’s because any tool with internet access has a high chance of being exposed to online theft. Sometimes, you can lose your customers’ essential details because hackers target their IoT devices.

4. Increased Cyber Attacks

Today, the increase in cyber insecurities is one of the most significant problems affecting the IoT. Online criminals use IoT devices for distributed denial of service (DDoS). Also, they use IoT devices to enter lateral movements in a company’s system.

IoT Security Issues, Threats, and Defenses

Besides the security challenges business owners face when using IoT, some threats also come with this technology. Expect also to see the defense mechanisms to use on every problem.

1. Lack of Privacy Protection

Once everyone can access the data on the IoT device, it’s a threat to its security. So, consider multi-layered protection and endpoint encryption. It will provide restricted access and reduce the risk of data loss.

2. Less Software Security

Every IoT device faces a massive threat from its malware functionalities. Hackers can access your data through bugs if the device’s software is outdated. Ensure you secure the IoT’s network so that it can’t be a risk to the rest of your business sectors.

Use proper cloud solutions to protect IoT machines. Also, every piece of software on the IoT should have the latest version.

3. The Use of a Weak Password

You may enjoy the benefits of the IoT, but your device will be insecure with a weak passcode. Easy-to-guess and hard-coded passwords are a danger to the security of your IoT.

Remember, once hackers breach your business’ IoT device, it leads to unauthorized access to data. Use a strong password for every account accessing the IoT device. It will reduce the possibility of cyberattacks.

4. Poor Administration

They are at significant risk if you have various IoT items without someone to monitor them. So, ensure you have a person to administer the devices to reduce security exposures. Consider this aspect, especially for the IoT devices you use at home.

IoT Security Solution with IoT Products of Telkom (Antares and LoRa)

You’ll love our Telkom IoT product, which includes Antares and LoRa. The product is affordable and will secure services for your business. It happens through the provision of end-to-end services to boost your digital experience.

Many threats come with the use of IoT devices. The IoT is becoming better every day as technology grows. But if you have it in your business, invest more in securing IoT devices. You can use strong passwords and software updates to secure the devices. Explore more on our page to learn more about our Telkom IoT product.

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