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16 December 2022

Secure Your Business through Phone Number Verification

No company or organization wants hackers to gain access to their online users’ personal information. Such acts make customers shy away and bring losses to businesses.

But with Phone Number Verification (PNV) technology, users’ details are now safer than before. It’s a technology that most business owners are fast embracing.

In this post, you can expect to learn about how the tech industry isn’t secure and how PNV will keep your business safe. But let’s first understand what phone number verification means.

Phone Number Verification Definition

Companies use PNV to ensure they don’t waste time and resources when delivering quality information to customers. This technology confirms that the client’s phone number is valid, functional, secure, and available. Also, PNV checks a client’s true identity when logging into various accounts online.

How Industry isn’t Secure anymore

Many giant leaders in the tech industry ask for phone numbers when you sign up with them. They have realized that tech hackers are there to tarnish people’s names by opening fake accounts. It allows these criminals to engage in fraudulent activities using a fake identity.

Also, unverified profiles promote the creation of spam and trolls on social media. This activity provides opportunities for criminals to target legitimate online users.

Accounts without the PNV hide abusers of free trial products and other online offers. It tempts people to use multiple email accounts to win free contests.

How PNV is important to Business

Companies that seek to make a profit online have invested in PNV. So, here is how both customers and business owners are affected by the PNV.

Business owners use PNV to register and verify the identity of new users. It links the user to the new account and device. For example, if someone downloads your app and registers it, PNV allows you to send them a PIN via a messaging service.

PNV makes it easy to reset your account password if you forget it. Also, if a hacker logs into your account using an unknown device and chooses to change the device, PNV becomes your security. The website will send you a verification code for that action to happen.

The technology also helps with the faster and easier reactivation of users on a business website. It occurs if there has been prolonged inactivity in that user’s account. PNV will use a code to ensure that no hacker or unverified user gains access to that account.

Customers in your business will enjoy fast and secure authentication of transactions. PNV technology helps users confirm transactions on a real-time basis using a One-Time Password (OTP). As a result, it reduces the number of cases of fraud.

You can also change your user details using the secure PNV system. After you make the changes online, you’ll get a code to verify the activity. It proves to the company that the account owner made critical changes to the account. Businesses become more secure, and customers will trust the owners more.

As a user and business owner, PNV helps the user permit the upgrade or degradation of an account. It helps reduce fraud cases and unwanted downloads. You may have begun using the account at a certain level, but now you want to access more features that will cost you more money. Before you make the payments and upgrade, you’ll get a PIN for verification.

We Provide PNV to Help Your Business

Most companies keep tightening the online security of their users. Business owners have chosen this path because hackers use fake profiles to conduct illegal acts online. The use of PNV helps safeguard the users’ accounts from online fraudsters. But PNV will keep the users’ details safe for many years through secure verifications via SMS. Please visit our page to learn more about our PNV technology and the digital messaging hub.

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