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28 October 2021

Is Cloud Infrastructure a Safe Investment for My Organisation?

Many times, people link cloud to convenience and practicality, but also often view it as a vulnerability spot for infiltration. Let’s take a closer look at infrastructure security in cloud computing?

As we may all know, cloud infrastructure generally is consisted of three elements, which are:

1. Computing: It is delivered in the format of server racks that can deliver cloud services for various services and partners.

2. Networking: It is used to transfer data externally, as well as between internal computer and storage systems. It relies heavily on routers and switches.

3. Storage: Get ready to prepare for a considerable capacity of storage; oftentimes, it is managed by using a combination of both hard disks and flash storage.

Businesses preferences in using cloud has increased after the pandemic, which saw organisations migrate their operations to a remote working style and accelerate their digitalisation process. 

This is where the cloud infrastructure comes in handy. Cloud computing infrastructure is commonly available for private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud systems, giving you space to adjust it with your business’ nature.

Are you still considering optimizing cloud infrastructure for your organisation, but concerned by the aspect of security? Just because it’s “easy” or “convenience” does not mean it’s not safe. As mentioned before, a good management of cloud infrastructure will guarantee your data safety. 

Moreover, in terms of enterprise-level cloud infrastructure and services, you will work with technologies and providers that are always improving protection against hackers, viruses, and other data breaches with stronger firewalls, advanced encryption keys, and a hybrid approach that stores sensitive data in a private cloud and other data, even apps, in a public cloud.

If you’re feeling unsure with the idea of managing cloud infrastructure in-house, it is indeed better to work it out with cloud infrastructure security solutions to help in ensuring your security. 

They’re experienced in managing clients inquiries, such as protecting the sensitive information within the environment, online transactions, to preventing an unknown third party from tampering with the data being transmitted.

So, don’t let paranoia prevent you from all the benefits of cloud infrastructure - the cloud greatly reduces your operating expense of setting up and managing your own data center. 

With cloud infrastructure, you’re free from the costly burden of hardware, software, servers, energy bills, IT experts, updates, etc. Through professional cloud infrastructure solutions, you can simply have it all managed by the partner, while paying only for as-needed services.

And in line with today’s spirit of business, cloud gives you utmost agility and flexibility, with improved uptime and efficiency of business systems while allowing off-site coworkers and partners to access shared data on mobile devices whenever and wherever. 

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