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09 December 2021

Is your A2P SMS campaign a success?

The era where we used SMS as our primary medium of communication has been long gone, but our need for SMS lingers on. Instead of dying, SMS has evolved into a medium for A2P communication which helps businesses connect with customers. From two-factor authentication to payment confirmation, A2P messaging has created smoother, safer, and quicker transaction experiences. As a result, the demand for A2P SMS keeps on rising, and the global market revenue for A2P SMS is projected to hit $86.53 billion by 2025.

Despite all the ease that A2P messaging services have to offer, some business owners have not used this service. Some others, however, might currently be using an A2P messaging service, yet it seems difficult for them to find out whether their A2P SMS is actually effective – which is understandable, since a certain amount of investment has gone to the A2P messaging service. If you’re a business owner who’s not really sure about whether your A2P SMS works, here are some things that you could measure, according to SMS Global.

  1. Click-Through Rate

A popular use of A2P messaging is to send customers SMSes containing a link. This hyperlink will then direct the customer to a range of possible pages (transaction page or mere “about us”), depending on what the SMS is intended for. Finding out how many people from your targeted audiences actually click through the link is an effective way of measuring the success of your A2P messaging. It’s possible to count the figure manually, but it’s much easier to use software and automation to provide you the numbers.

  1. Opt-Out Rate

Monitoring the number of people who unsubscribe from your A2P messaging may be something unpleasant to do. But it can actually provide you with insights on the success rate of your A2P SMS campaign. If your opt-out rate is high, then your business probably needs to come up with a brand new A2P strategy. Customers can unsubscribe for so many different reasons: that there’s too many SMS, that the SMS timing is just off, that the messages are irrelevant, or that the language in the A2P SMSes just don’t suit your customer’s demography.

  1. Conversion Rate

Another factor that you can monitor to measure your A2P campaign’s success is the conversion rate. Some would understand conversion rate through a marketing/sales perspective: that conversion rate depends on the number of transactions made after looking at your A2P messages. But essentially, any meaningful follow-up action that your subscribers make after reading the message (purchases, text replies, e-mail inquiries, or a phone call) can count as conversion. Simply put, conversions equal the efficacy of your A2P campaign.

  1. Growth Rate

How many customers are currently subscribed to your CRM services? Did the number increase after you started your A2P campaigns? A2P SMS could also be a factor that supports the increase of customers. If your customers weren’t satisfied with the way you reached out to them, the contrary would happen. Nonetheless, it’s true that the growing number of subscribers can be caused by a lot of things, so it would be wise to gather data on how much the growth rate is actually supported by your A2P messages.

  1. Cost per redeeming subscriber

Last but not least, you can measure the success rate of your A2P campaign from the ROI figures. Creating A2P campaigns isn’t an easy task. There’s a lot to decide, and business managers must calculate the cost per SMS, hoping that it would translate to conversions and purchases. At the end of the day, if the cost you spend for A2P messaging is covered by the overall profit, then you’re safe. Otherwise, it’s probably wise to re-strategize your A2P messaging campaign, particularly on how they can be more efficient.

Finally, the success of A2P campaigns will also heavily depend on the A2P provider you work with. To make sure that your A2P messaging campaign is a success, you need to work with an A2P provider who can provide a good platform, profitable scheme, and reliable services. At Telkom DWS, we’re committed to supporting your organization’s communication through giving you dependable A2P messaging services. For more inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at marketingdws@telkom.co.id.

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