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28 October 2021

How IoT Architecture Works in the Cloud

In this digital era, there are lots of things we can do with information and communication technology. From browsing for work-related stuff to socializing with friends, we are constantly connected with the world thanks to the internet. 

Now, the internet can also give you more control of almost everything in your hand. Yes, we can do this through the internet with what we call Internet of Things or IoT.

IoT is about how we control almost everything we want through simple commands over the internet. If you’re familiar with virtual personal assistants like Alexa and Siri, they are part of IoT that can do something based on our command. 

The system gathers information from our behaviour and saves it in their memory. The memories stored can help the system to do something we want.

How does IoT work? There are three basic components of IoT architecture: Device, gateway and cloud. These three components work together in the system, so they can respond to our commands. 

Even when accidents or unexpected things happen, the technician can improve their mistakes to make the IoT systems smarter.

Let's see the functions of these three components for your organisation. A device is not only about the hardware, but the whole device including hardware and software. 

The device is equipped with sensors to gather the data. It can connect to the network, communicate with each other, and can work directly or indirectly with the internet. If the devices are indirectly connected to the internet, a gateway enables the device to reach cloud services. 

Yet, gateway has another specific function in networking. It can process data from devices before being sent to the cloud. Cloud saves all of the data, process, combined, and matched with other data from other devices.

All of the components are important to make the system really work. If one component does not function, the data processing can be delayed and they can do the exact command, or the bad thing is they can process the commands. 

IoT needs sensors to gather data and save them in the cloud. In addition to processing and connecting to the network, it needs a gateway to process and organize the data. Each component has their functions in detail to make all the system works.

Since we know how to utilize the IoT to help us do everything, we should realize that the cloud IoT architecture and IoT data processing architecture is important for us. 

IoT is more than just a smart virtual personal assistant to get the information from our devices, or gizmo to make our home a smart house. More than that, IoT can be utilized for any aspects in our life such as in industry and office to make our life more efficient. 

Especially in today’s industry, in which using big data can make or break your business, the data from IoT can help your system grow and drive your business forward into the future.

When we know how IoT can be our future, considering the cloud system to save our data on is important. Data from the cloud can be utilized for your business and it might be the business that correlates with IoT. 

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