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21 June 2022

How CDN Can Be Helpful for Game Publishers?

Gaming is among the fastest-growing industries in tech, and it tends to require a lot of effort to maintain. Gaming needs you to deliver high-quality content to patch players consistently worldwide. This even becomes a bigger problem when you consider that delivering 4K and ultra HD technologies requires top-tier innovation. 

However, Content Delivery Network (CDN) seems to be the ultimate solution. This article talks about some of the gaming industry's challenges and how CDN is solving them.

Current Issues with Gaming 

Commoditization of content: When it comes to gaming, there is no doubt that content is critical. The gaming industry is predicated on various materials to give a broad set of player experiences. However, it has become more challenging to be unique. On top of the 40,000 games, around 50 new games are released virtually every month, posing a problem to publishers.

Risks of DDoS attacks: The gaming industry is prone to many cyberattacks targeting users and players. While the highest DDoS attacks were experienced in 2015, innocent players are still at risk of being hacked. 

Game app maintenance: Post-production is just as crucial as production and pre-production in the game development process. The game is continuously monitored during the post-production phase to verify its relevance. The upkeep of the game app comprises frequent evaluations of user interest, basic bug checks, etc. 

How CDN handles these issues

Developers have emphasized producing games with improved visuals for decades. Now that it's challenging to picture games appearing any better, developers should turn their emphasis to other sorts of technological advances. Soon, games may be rated not on their polygons and pixels but on how widely they can be played. 

As a result, CDNs will continue to play a significant role in the success of online games. On the other hand, developers should not settle for just any CDN; choosing the appropriate match for your project will need considerable study and in-depth examination of your potential clients.

Benefits of CDN in the gaming experience

Fast downloads: Slow downloads are one of the most aggravating gameplay factors. Constant buffering and abrupt visuals or animation streaming ruin the game experience. CDNs have successfully addressed the issue.

Good Monetization: A CDN may help video game companies generate more money for their services. It allows for the complete commercialization of a game's assets. This is through the scalable and high capacity distribution of Downloadable Content (DLC), equivalent to an upgrade copy.

Better Security: A gaming website or platform may assure safe game distribution across networks by utilizing a variety of CDN security measures. This includes geo-targeting, SSL, DDoS attack prevention, and others.

Cloud Storage: Aside from delivering content to users, modern CDNs also provide cloud storage and Data encryption. Duplicating material on servers protects the developer against internet coordinated attacks. It also prevents you from incurring massive financial investments to improve physical infrastructure.

The gaming industry has a lot of competition, and with it comes many challenges. But, game publishers who can use CDN have a better chance of standing out. CDN is great for efficiently delivering content and goes a long way in improving the entire gaming experience. 

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