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26 September 2022

How Our IP Transit Provides Quality Internet Service

IP Transit is an important service that many businesses need to make decisions about their online availability and customer connectivity. It is one of the most critical tools businesses with online presence use to get customers and direct them to their services.

The digital framework is a chain of interconnected public networks or automated systems (AS). Automated systems are a distinct set of IP address modules and web equipment within a centralized domain. They function similarly to autonomous digital states, each with its geographical segment, assets, configuring policy, and boundaries.

In this article, we tell you more about IP transit, its role in business, and some of its benefits.

Role of IP Transit in Business

IP transit service is the ultimate bridge between clients and businesses worldwide. It involves everything transmitted via the internet, including images on websites, customer feedback, and any other data channeled through the internet.

IP transit comes in three distinct categories; Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Each of them comes with its roles, capabilities, and different connectivity.

❖ Tier 1 IP transit

This is the most expensive type of IP transit with a global reach. They are providers interlinked with each other to act as a worldwide conduit. About six of these IP transit dominate the market, making them the "backbone" of the internet.

❖ Tier 2 IP transit

These types of IP transits have vast availability in various physical locations and data centers. They easily peer with each other to have good bandwidth and for their content delivery networks. This type of interlinking between tier 2 IP transits helps them prevent using expensive IT infrastructure like tier 1 networks.

❖ Tier 3 IP transit

These local IP transit providers provide great internet connectivity for smaller consumers and companies. They operate by purchasing small parts of tier 2 IP transit connectivity to avoid using many resources like them. This also cuts their cost by offering better connectivity without purchasing directly from tier 1 networks.

Benefits of IP Transit

IP transit is the connectivity channel between you and the rest of the world. It assists businesses in establishing solid digital footprints and internet connections with customers, investors, and partners worldwide. Here are some other benefits that come with it.

● Reliable connectivity: Having great IP transits as Telkom gives you great connections to customers worldwide.

● Superior peering: IP transits partner with reliable ISPs to give you top-notch peering for fast internet access and worldwide connections.

Direct access to IT infrastructure: IP Transits allow you to access IT infrastructure, including hosting options and adaptive support.

● Scalability and customization: It is hard for businesses that lack IP transits to scale up and configure. With IP transit, you get good traffic and links to customers to improve your business.

IP transit is among the most important online elements for businesses. It helps connect you with customers and clients around the world. Telkom IP transit gives you high-quality connections and tools to improve your business online presence and scalability.  

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