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03 August 2022

How neuAPIX Simplifies Customer Interaction

The neuAPIX platform has one of the best, most flexible, and most powerful SMS APIs (application programming interface). This CPaaS platform is a trend in the provision of proper customer experience.

Companies that don’t use the CPaaS have many reasons why they should have it. Get ready as we look at why customers need CPaaS, the pain points that make companies have the CPaaS technology, and how neuAPIX CPaaS is a great solution.

Why do Customers need CPaaS?

Most companies use the Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) to help them satisfy customer needs. Below are the reasons why customers in various sectors should also use CPaaS.

Through person-to-person (P2P) communication, CPaaS allows customers to have real-time attention to their service providers. A company will respond to customer concerns via any communication platform. It helps customers, especially during this online shopping era, because they connect with agents to manage their orders well.

Also, as a customer, your data will be secure under the CPaaS. It's because of their cloud-based feature that keeps your information private.

Pain Points of why Companies need the CPaaS Technology

Today, companies without CPaaS find it difficult to offer good customer care services. Read on to see the pain points of not having the CPaaS technology to enhance their CX.

1. Companies’ Poor Business Processes

Most companies that don't use the CPaaS to engage their customers to experience problems with their business structures. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for customers to contact the owners to know how matters operate before hiring a service or buying a product. There's no two-way communication to suit customers' needs expecting fast answers.

2. Customer Satisfaction Problems

Without the CPaaS application, many companies won't have a fantastic relationship with their customers and thus make losses. It's difficult for customers to contact the brand owner because the communication will be slow and broken. If a customer is concerned about a company's given product or service, it won't be easy to get a response.

3. Probable Insecure Services

The CPaaS application provides your business with a cloud-based system. So, some companies find it hard to secure customer data and privacy without the technology.

4. Increased Technology Expenses

It will be costly for companies to provide proper CX because you'll spend more on training and hiring a team to handle calls. Remember, the team has to work on a 24/7 basis. Without CPaaS, businesses will find it tricky to provide customer care. Also, many companies without CPaaS focus on other technologies to run their business before they realize the goodness of CPaaS.

The neuAPIX CPaaS as a Solution

This fantastic neuAPIX CPaaS technology comes to solve problems that affect many companies. NeuAPIX CPaaS gives you customizable and basic solutions that range from using voice, messaging, and video.

As a basic solution, the neuAPIX CPaaS platform helps users to make person-to-person (P2P) SMS and videos. It allows companies to have a great rapport with their customers every time. Also, neuAPIX CPaaS users can use their apps to connect to neuAPIX main servers. This aspect allows a fast and smooth flow of messages.

Companies can also customize solutions through the neuAPIX CPaaS platform through system integration. The users can integrate other external apps to provide top-notch customer services. They'll enjoy it because neuAPIX allows them to integrate their workflows into the application. Users can collaborate with third-party companies to design suitable environments to solve marketing problems.

As technology grows, CPaaS will play a key role in providing amazing CX. Today, customers need to have a safe and great time when dealing with their sellers. Those businesses that haven't started using the CPaaS always have problems when managing customers. Let your company try the neuAPIX CPaaS today, and it will have many customers.

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