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24 September 2021

Big Data Analytics in 5G era

In a world where there’s super high frequency of internet usage, everyone generates data. From the food we upload to our social media to the medical conditions recorded by medical equipment, these are enormous waves of data that need to be uploaded, transcribed, accessed, and analyzed, hence the buzz phrase “Big Data”. 

In other words, Big Data refers to a circumstance where there’s a massive amount of data generated by users and analyzed by service and goods providers.

And the production of data is only becoming more enormous for each passing year. As the most widely used messaging app, WhatsApp users around the world send about 65 billion messages every day. 

Over 3.5 billion daily searches are conducted on Google. As of 2021, 2.5 million contents are uploaded to Instagram every minute. For the past decades, data interaction has gone up to 5000%. The huge amount of data can be highly useful for both business development and government affairs alike. 

Use Cases of Big Data

Currently, there is a variety of big data uses. One of the most widely known use of big data would be social media and news analytics, which has been utilized by a lot of businesses worldwide. 

The data that customers generate from their internet usage can provide a lot of insights for businesses to interact with their customers better, leading to better retention and brand image. 

In addition, social media analytics on current and future trends have also helped business become more resilience in developing themselves.

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But big data hasn’t been limited to social media analytics. There’s video analytics to prevent and countermeasure possible threats. Virtual reality has allowed users to virtually explore a location with immersive experience. 

Besides these, there are also IoT (Internet-of-Things), which have provided great assistance in monitoring water system, smart energy, and smart parking. 

Although big data has been going on for a while since internet usage becomes available for public, a great change is about to come.

5G: The Great Disruptor and Game-Changer

The 5G technology is right at our doorstep, and it will change big data forever. For starters, 5G connection speed will be 20 times faster than 4G, reaching up to 20 GB per second in theory. 

Consequently, it will be much easier and faster for content to be generated, leading to even quicker rate of data generation. The needs for data analytics experts, system and reliable infrastructure, then, will also significantly rise once 5G has fully realized its potentials and made everything ultra-fast.

At the same time, 5G will also bring low latency and fast connectivity for data infrastructure, making big data analytics quicker and most accessible for businesses. 

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With cutting-edge technological system such as “network slicing”, service providers will be able to gain better insight while better managing the data they will acquire, process, and analyze. 

Nonetheless, great amount of data will prove to be troublesome for business services if not handled well. Thus, it is important to collaborate with reliable big data providers in the age of 5G.

What We Can Offer

As businesses preparing themselves for 5G, we also keep improving ourselves to cater for your need. By collaborating with us, big data analytics will be secure, agile, easy, and efficient for your business. We provide the best big data analytics tools for your business needs without additional costs, and our tools allow business providers to access data with ease. For further information, do not hesitate contact us at marketingdws@telkom.co.id as we will be more than happy to answer your inquiries.

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