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09 September 2022

BigBox: Complete Features to Ensure Your Business Growth

Today, businesses across industries are finding ways to use Big Data to improve nearly every aspect of their operations. Are you looking to be one of those businesses that grow successfully with Big Data? You need BigBox as your Big Data solution!

What is BigBox?

BigBox is Telkom Indonesia’s On-Premise Big Data and AI distribution platform that helps you orchestrate the best technologies for your Big Data needs. BigBox offers you enterprise-grade end-to-end solutions for all your Big Data requirements. With BigBox, Big Data implementation is hassle-free—guaranteed fast and easy.

Why BigBox? BigBox helps you evaluate BigData and turn them into actionable insights relevant to today’s business landscape. These insights will allow you to get a better understanding of your customer behavior, identify industry trends, develop and distribute products more effectively, modernize your business model, as well as improve your operational efficiency and productivity—every action you need to ensure your business growth.

With BigBox as your Big Data implementation provider, you can gain maximum benefits of BigData. However, BigBox also offers you another extra benefit—BigBox can be one of your company’s revenue streams. Be a BigBox reseller and provide your customers with the solutions they need for their Big Data requirements.

What Features does BigBox Offer?

BigBox highlights two product features you can implement based on your needs and preferences.

● Full Stack Solution

BigBox is an ecosystem that makes data management from end to end(data acquisition, storage, analysis, and visualization) more convenient through integrated features: BigSpider and BigAction for acquisition; BigLake, BigBuilder, BigFlow, and BigEnvelope for storage, ETL, and analysis; and BigSearch and BigQuery for visualization so data sets are more comprehensible.

● AI Use Case

BigBox supports your vertical Big Data solution through a series of AI-powered functions:

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to identify different components of a sentence through functions including Named Entity Recognition (NER), Part of Speech (POS) Tagging, and Sentiment Detection 

Video Analytics to identify various types of objects in a video in real time.

BigCognitive ID Card Identification to extract data from an image, such as an ID photo, with a 95% level of accuracy through Optical Character Recognition function.

Socmed Bot Validation to identify whether a social media account is a real person or a “bot” through behavioral analysis function.

How is BigBox Applied in Different Industries?

With the comprehensive features it offers, BigBox allows businesses in various industries—finance, education, healthcare, telecommunications, and many more—to access, manage, and get the maximum benefits of BigData. Let’s take BigBox use cases in the telco industry as an example

In the telecommunications industry, BigBox helps companies collect and analyze data to achieve 360° views of their customers, so they can make decisions from improving network performance to launching new services. Data-powered decisions allow them to transform their key business processes, deliver convergent services, and improve customer experience, ensuring a better competitive advantage in the industry.

BigBox implementations in the industry include network optimization, security and fraud analytics, CX management, IoT/connected ecosystems, churn analytics, and product recommendation.

To conclude, with BigBox, there’s no reason to say no to Big Data. Are you ready to transform and grow your business with BigBox? Reach out to us here!

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