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08 September 2022

BigBox: Your Big Data Implementation Solution

Welcome to the era of Big Data! More and more data is generated every year. According to IDC, by 2025, the world will have created at least 175 zettabytes of new data. As businesses seek to use this growing resource, the market for Big Data has been growing, too.

What Makes Big Data Special?

Big Data refers to both a complex data set, as well as the methods used to process this type of data. It’s different from traditional data in five ways: size, organization, sources, architecture needed for data management, and analysis methods. 

Big Data has three main characteristics—volume, velocity, and variety—and one extra trait— veracity or accuracy which refers to minimal anomalies, biases, and noise that lead to better data quality. With the characteristics, Big Data can provide a deeper analysis of market trends and consumer behavior and real-time insights you can rely on to improve your business in a number of ways: better decision making, increased agility and productivity, more impactful customer experience, reduced costs of business processes, and fraud detection.

Introducing BigBox!

Now that you have found the key to grow your business, how can you gain its optimum benefits? We have the answer. It’s time you meet BigBox!

BigBox is Telkom Indonesia’s On-Premise Big Data and AI distribution platform that helps you orchestrate the best technologies for your Big Data needs. BigBox offers you enterprise-grade end-to-end solutions for all your Big Data requirements. With BigBox, Big Data implementation is no longer daunting; it’s fast and easy.

Why BigBox? BigBox helps you evaluate BigData and turn them into valuable insights relevant to meet your customers’ demands in today’s business landscape. These insights allow you to:

● Get better understanding of your customer behavior

● Identify industry trends and changes

● Develop and distribute products more effectively

● Modernize your business model, and

● Improve your operational efficiency and productivity

Let’s take the BigBox use case in the education field as an example! BigBox helps transform education institutions capture and analyze all of their campus data on one platform. It helps them improve access to education, deliver more personalized learning, and increase efficiencies, driving student success.

What makes BigBox different from other providers out there? BigBox guarantees five essential advantages. The advantages are:

1-year Online News Data Set

You will get a data set from the past year you can utilize as the initial data set during the implementation.

● Web Builder and Dashboard Builder 

BigBox includes tools for building dashboards and web applications which are offered as a Service. With the tools, data insights won’t stop at data scientists’ workbench

● Web and Social Network Analytics Scrapper Feature

This is one of BigBox’s best special features. With the feature, you will get access to public data you need with easy configuration.

● API Factory

Creating an API on BigBox is easy. You can just use the Query Editor in BigQuery and publish the queries as an API. You can also maintain the performance of the API.

● Faceted Search Engine

BigBox gas perfected its search engine technology so that the search results are already faceted, or visualized data which are stored in BigLake. 

Those are benefits you will get with BigBox as your Big Data implementation provider. However, BigBox offers you another extra benefit—BigBox can be one of your company’s revenue streams. Be a BigBox reseller and provide your customers with the solutions they need for their Big Data requirements.

So, are you ready to get maximum benefits of Big Data? Reach out to us here!

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