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15 October 2020

How to Secure Our Data Center Environment

The data center is a vital and critical facility to help you to operate your business. Therefore, data center security should be on our top priority list.

Why is data center security important?

It is because the data center storing personal data and sensitive information like intellectual property, customer data, fi0cial data, and etc. therefore, it needs to be protected virtually and physically.

Physical security refers to a huge process and a strategy to prevent the external force that will affect the data center infrastructure. for virtual security, it focuses on preventing the cybercrime that attempts to enter our data center through firewalls, hacking the password, and/or other virtual loopholes.

How we secure and protect our data center:

  • Choosing the right data center location

Choosing the right data center location is needed to protect from physical force. we can predict that from the history of the location about the frequency of floods, earthquakes, cyclones, or other disasters


  • The security system access

Nowadays, the biometric security system has become one of the most popular security systems, similar to the fingerprint system of which NeuCentrIX has already applied in the security system. Not only a fingerprint, but NeuCentrIX also provides the access card that the visitors could not bring home. Therefore, the visitor needs to meet the security guard to have that access.


  • Security Officer

As the data center user, we wouldn’t want a stranger entering our data center environment. If we employed security officers 24/7 we could prevent the stranger from entering our data center environment. we could also add the CCTV to enhance our security system in our data center area.


  • Storage Redundancy

Storage redundancy refers to the additional level of the data center network security. Commonly, the data center provider will offer redundancy access in other infrastructure, it depends on the security needs of the user.

By following 4 tips on how to secure and protect your data center, you may avoid the threats surround the data center. stay safe and obey the health protocols in this pandemic situation. 

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