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29 December 2021

How XL Axiata Keep Premium Service with Cost-Effectiveness

At Telkom DWS, we’re always happy to see our partners thrive. It always makes us very proud whenever our partners successfully overcome their obstacles effectively with our support. We have heard these amazing stories from our partners several times, and one of our proudest moments was when we found out about the success story of XL Axiata, our partner who has been working with us for years. In this story, we will share XL Axiata’s fruitful partnership with us, especially in Transit Domestic and International Voice Call services.


XL Axiata’s reputation needs no introduction. Aside from being one of the most well-known providers in Indonesia, the company was in fact the first private Indonesian cellular network provider. Their journey began in October 1996, when they started their commercial operations for the first time. XL Axiata’s shares are owned by Axiata Investments Indonesia (66.4%), which is a member of Axiata Group Berhad, Asia’s largest telecommunication company (33.6%). As of 2021’s Q2, the company has more than 56 million subscribers.

The challenge

In an interview with Mr. Norman, XL Axiata’s Account Manager, he shared a few challenges that the company had to face. Among these challenges was interconnectivity, which occurred specifically after the merger between XL and AXIS. To add to this factor, they also wished for something any network operator would hope for: achieving revenue targets with cost-effectiveness. In other words, they wished to maintain a high-quality service while suppressing cost to the minimum. This was indeed a challenge, especially with a merger process underway a few years ago.

Working with Telkom DWS

According to XL Axiata, several reasons made them choose to work with Telkom DWS. First of all, they felt that Telkom DWS was well-known for its service, so they didn’t hesitate to contact Telkom before being referred to the wholesale division. Also, they believed that Telkom DWS provided business opportunities with win-win solutions which benefit both parties. XL Axiata has also established a smooth collaboration with Telkom DWS over the years, and such a working relationship was important for them. Last but not least, for XL Axiata, there have been no major issues with the voice call services, and if there are any, the issue can be resolved quickly with discussions.

With Telkom’s support, XL Axiata could fulfill deadline targets and establish interconnectivity to all operators after the XL-AXIS merger commenced. In addition, XL Axiata successfully suppressed their costs once they sealed the B2B deal with Telkom. The cost-effectiveness was noticeable and made a significant impact on the bookkeeping. Although there’s no specific review from the customers, the quality improvement after working with Telkom DWS was also noticed by the internal team.

As for improvement, the XL Axiata representative wishes to negotiate for new deals for the upcoming year.

Partnership Opportunities

The story of XL Axiata is an example of how we can support our partners’ journeys of successful business development. For more inquiries on partnership and business opportunities, do not hesitate to contact us at marketingdws@telkom.co.id  or our toll-free line 0821-4749-4005.

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