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09 November 2022

Cloud Gaming vs Conventional Gaming: Here Are the Advantages!

The rapid development of cloud gaming is extraordinary in today's industry. Cloud gaming is the future of the entertainment business. Let's peel off the advantages of cloud gaming in this article.

Will cloud gaming rival the popularity of consoles like Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo? In the eyes of customers, enjoying the experience of playing games in the cloud or console is like a coffee connoisseur who regularly buys coffee at the store, even though he also has a very good coffee machine at home. The two experiences are different and become options in different situations. Even when a gamer has a console, don't they also  play on a smartphone while away from home?

Cloud gaming, often referred to as Games as a Service (GaaS), makes it easier for customers because all game content is streamed to the device they are using, without the need to buy a special console. Users can play the game from anywhere and on any device (Mobile, TV, PC, etc) without the need to invest in expensive hardware. This is the era of gaming democratization!

Cloud gaming offers a much more comfortable experience than traditional console games in a variety of ways. Here are the advantages of cloud gaming:

  • Cloud gaming can be played on multiple devices without losing your game progress on other devices. For example, if your customer plays cloud gaming services on his home TV, he can  continue playing on his phone when he has to travel. Cloud gaming also supports touch input as well as other gaming support devices.
  • Cloud gaming eliminates the need to install games and content updates. When you choose a game on a cloud service, you can expect it to be available with the latest version and ready to play in just a few seconds. Switch to a new laptop or buy another television? No problem, because you can start playing the game right away without the need to install it on a new device.

Cloud gaming uses hardware on remote servers, meaning your gaming resolution or performance isn't based on the device you're using. You'll get the same basic experience of gaming on your television compared to your phone or tablet, and far beyond what those devices can run locally. Importantly, there is a stable internet connection in your area.

Cloud gaming is not only a great and relatively inexpensive form of entertainment for gamers. It is also a sea of new profits and opportunities for companies in various industries.

Telecommunications companies, the hospitality industry, entertainment platforms, and more, don't miss out on presenting cloud gaming in your services and harnessing its potential to stay competitive.

Just imagine how a hotel can benefit from a cloud gaming platform. Investing in a console for each hotel room is too high a cost for most hoteliers. However, a fixed and convenient monthly fee for using a cloud gaming platform is a great way to save a lot of money and provide great entertainment for guests.

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