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07 June 2021

Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server: Which the Best for Your Business?

Cloud technology has become a familiar feature for the business people. It can help to leverage your business and make your business more effective, especially in this gig economy.

At least your business needs cloud technology for your business’ system, monitoring the workflow, and saving the company's data.

There are some methods to build a technology ecosystem for your business, such as:  Cloud server technology and dedicated server technology. Both of them have a different model for different purposes.

What is Cloud Server?

Most of the organization’s operational aspect relies on data. With today’s hybrid working culture, it’s very possible that your team works from many different places. 

Sometimes, you need to access the data based on what you need from the office folder. To make your working file be conveniently accessible from many devices, cloud server is definitely your go-to solution. Therefore, you can finish your task more efficiently. 

Cloud server or we can say that virtual server is the cloud technology that allows an infinite number of servers to access the data from everywhere, when you are at the office or at home. 

The data that can be accessed is stored in the cloud or virtual space. It’s very helpful especially in this pandemic era, when we are suggesting to avoid the crowd and doing physical distancing.

When we have a problem with the limitation of data storage, a cloud server gives you enough space for your company to save your data, depending on the package that you subscribe to. Server cloud uses a large Storage Area Network (SAN) to allocate storage resources.

When your business decides to utilize a cloud server to manage your data, it doesn’t mean you don’t need hardware. Physical servers can support the cloud server.

How Do Cloud Servers Work?

Physical servers or dedicated server hosting is a hardware that is known as bare metal servers that support many cloud servers.  A public cloud is made up of multiple dedicated servers, kept in a secure colocation data center. 

When you subscribe to a cloud server, you have storage space in a physical server managed by the provider. One physical server can be used with more than one cloud server tenant.

Cloud servers have flexibility. You can subscribe from the provider according to your needs, adding storage if you need more space, and stop subscription if you need it. 

You can use this storage for everything you need for your data and your system. Subscribing this service is included with IT staff to manage the server.If you need help, you only need to contact the provider.

Cloud Servers or Dedicated Servers?

We’ve discussed cloud servers - so, how about dedicated servers? How important it is for business? When we know that dedicated servers are hardware to support cloud servers. 

A business is possible to have a dedicated server to have a private server. You have independence and more storage to make a cloud server system for your business, but it costs more to pay hardware and IT staff to manage the system. 

On the other side, dedicated servers make your system more secure than cloud servers,because you manage on your own.

Cloud service is more affordable for almost all of the businesses who need a digital ecosystem. It is better for highly variable workloads such as managing the data, building a hotspot, website, etc. With the flexibility and force to be agile in the digital ecosystem, cloud service can be your choice.

Choosing cloud service or dedicated service can leverage your business. You can choose wisely based on your business needs. 

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