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21 August 2020

CPaaS: How to Make It More Personal

To survive in todays’ competitive world, businesses must compete and make a strong mark and improve customer experience. Maintaining customer’s satisfaction and retaining customers for a longer period is best achieved through personalized and contextual communication.

Based on a study from McKinsey, many companies that have implemented personalization have found proven ways to drive 5 to 15 percent increases in revenue and 10 to 30 percent increases in marketing spend efficiency. Here is where personalized communications through Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) has become very important for businesses to improve customer experiences.

As an integrated cloud platform that can facilitate real-time omnichannel communications, with a significant growth in market demand from USD 3.3 billion in 2018 to USD 17.2 billion in 2023, CPaaS can definitely help your business to provide a personal touch and send a contextual message to your customers, while in the same time identify problems and find the right solution to meet your customers’ expectation.

Have more options for customer engagement and enrich your communication strategy

CPaaS provides companies with more options. It helps customers and businesses to stay connected within the platform via voice, calls, video, SMS, chat, and many more. It will let your customers communicate with you immediately at their point of need and provide them with the ability to reach you at any time. When you are able to connect with your customers in so many different ways, they will certainly have better experiences and get their problems solved quicker.

Integrate seamlessly with APIs and build more contextual messages to your customers

CPaaS offers a complete development framework for building real-time communications features without having to worry about the back-end infrastructure. It provides software tools, standards-based APIs, sample code, and pre-built applications that can be easily customized to help you meet customers’ requirements. By integrating CPaaS with these communication APIs, you can save upon time and directly address customers’ issues by sending contextual messages to your customers.

Leverage data to find actionable insights and communicate the way customers want

One of the key benefits in using CPaaS is that you can capture data about customer’s inquiries and then use those insights to provide the right response to meet your customers’ expectations. Not only that, you can also combine your CPaaS with artificial intelligence to perform data analytics to help you make better business decisions. By leveraging and combining the data collected from a multi-channel communications platform, you can then deliver seamless, personalized messages across those channels to improve customer experience.

Understanding that personalization will be the prime driver of business success in today’s world, it is now more important than ever to implement a communication technology that can be easily customized to deliver personalized messages to your customers at their point of need, in their most convenient channel, and at their time of preference. Following the global trend, the demand for CPaaS in Indonesia will continue to grow, as more and more businesses realize the value of personalization that CPaaS can deliver.

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