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15 October 2020

CTO and CRO of Telkom Group Visits neuCentrIX Kotabaru, Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, 6 August 2020

CTO and CRO TelkomGroup Visit neuCentrIX Kotabaru Yogyakarta

CTO TelkomGroup Herlan Wijanarko and CRO TelkomGroup FM Venusiana R. conducted a working visit to Witel Yogyakarta as well as checking the readiness of the neuCentrIX data center operationalization in Kotabaru, Yogyakarta and the #PeduliInfrastruktur movement on Thursday morning (6/8). Also present to accompany the CTO and CRO visit were EVP TR4 Djatmiko, Deputy EVP TR4 Firmansyah, GM Witel Yogyakarta, OSM Regional Wholesale Service, and all SL TR4. The CTO and CRO were greeted by the Beksan Wanara dance and the entourage joined the dance enthusiastically.

The event started with Djatmiko's presentation regarding Witel Yogyakarta, then continued with an explanation regarding the profile of neuCentrIX Kotabaru, Yogyakarta that will be visited (progress of adding racks, existing customers, potential market etc.). Furthermore, the CTO and CRO took turns greeting SL TR4 who was present and impressed with TR4's exposure and achievements.

Then the event was continued by walking around reviewing every corner of neuCentrIX by paying attention to the health protocols that had been determined, considering that the data center has limited space so that not all can enter. After doing the neuCentrIX room tour, the CTO and CRO were pleased to provide a quote written on the canvas.

"NeuCentrIX is one of the milestones towards Telkom Digital Hub. Semangat Wins Digital! ”, Wrote the CTO and“ Let's plan quality of service improvements to improve IndiHome services. Be The best CX, "wrote Kak Ve, the nickname of CRO.

In addition, the CTO and CRO were also invited to conduct field observations regarding the commitment of the # PeduliInfrastruktur movement by observing the condition of Alpro on Jalan Magelang, Sleman, Yogyakarta, as well as cutting cables as a sign of network modernization. During the visit, the group always implements health protocols to protect themselves from the spread of COVID-19

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