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02 February 2021

Cutting Edge CPaaS Solution From Telkom DWS Indonesia

The rise of over the top (OTT) telecommunications platforms has marked a new trend for professional communications. 

Conventional call centers, which often cost callers a great deal of their phone credit and time (as they often have to wait on a long queue before an operator eventually picks up their phone), have increasingly been replaced by OTT platforms.

Businesses use OTT platforms to set up virtual voice, video and text customer service centers on their websites. This allows customers access a 24/7 service in a more efficient manner, powered by automated responses for those who wish to get quick FAQs answers. 

The platform has also helped businesses engage more intensively with their homebound customers to sustain their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Companies run their OTT business communications activities through a cloud-based system providing the backend infrastructure to a telecommunications system, called the CPaaS. 

CPaaS integrates businesses’ voice, SMS and phone numbers under the same applications and websites. Carriers help companies achieve a holistic business communications system with CPaaS. 

The features of Telkom DWS’ CPaaS solution

In Indonesia, Telkom Wholesale Service Division (Telkom DWS) provides CPaaS solution which has several essential features. 

It has real-time features, enabling businesses to add real-time omnichannel communications in their own application without needing to build back-end infrastructure and interfaces from scratch, thanks to its cloud-based nature. 

At the same time, the solution also improves the information flow in your internal operations, external communications and customer service. Its pay-as-you-use service also makes pricing structure more suitable for customers.

CPaaS also features a powerful yet easy-to-use API, which allows it to provide communication capabilities for voice, video and messaging enablement to reach global customers without owning or managing a system. It is also enhanced with personalization options.

BYOC: the competitive advantage of Telkom DWS’ CPaaS

Here, we will highlight the competitive advantage of Telkom DWS’ CPaaS: its bring-your-own-carrier (BYOC) nature. 

Most CPaaS providers do not have their own core telephony, thus aggregating coverage and phone numbers from several SIP trunk providers. 

This results in different quality of phone calls across markets and inconsistent results of the CPaaS performance. At the same time, relying on various SIP trunk providers can also expose businesses to regulatory issues risk. 

Doing so results in a lack of control over your own call routing, thus also posing several quality and security risks for your company.

Ergo, the BYOC helps address these issues by allowing customers to choose their own SIP trunking providers and, as its name suggests, bring their own carriers to the platform of their choice. 

By doing so, BYOC allows you to maintain control over your own call routing, extend your coverage to more markets, avoid regulatory issues by choosing a provider you trust and greater assurance over call quality.

At the same time, the CPaaS provided by Telkom DWS is a user-friendly platform, with its drag and drop design tool, allowing you to quickly create new workflows which allow you to access your market faster. 

It is also a pay-as-you-use service, requiring you to pay for the services that you use only, with highly customized features.

Keen to learn more about the BYOC feature in Telkom DWS’ CPaaS Solution? Visit https://mycarrier.telkom.co.id/cpaas/ to find out how CPaaS can truly help your business communication. Also, do not hesitate to send our representative a message at marketingdws@telkom.co.id to find your ideal solution.

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