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27 December 2022

The Impact of SD WAN in the Digital Era

There are still many local companies in Indonesia that have not fully implemented digital transformation, but you will get good results by understanding SD WAN in the Digital Era.

In supporting the smooth digital transformation of your business, of course, adequate network infrastructure is needed. As a trusted digital service provider, Telkom DWS would like to share information with you regarding the impact of SD WAN in the digital era.

Get to know SD WAN, the New Generation of WAN

For most national and multinational companies with branch offices spread across various parts of Indonesia, Wide Area Network (WAN) technology is considered to be conventional and is no longer capable of connecting networks between data centers, head offices and branch offices that are far away. far apart. This is because the operation of a WAN requires many devices with complexity and costs that tend to be expensive.

WAN services also sometimes have problems related to controlling, configuring, managing devices in all corporate network locations that require several experts to help. This results in additional operational costs.

The solution to various WAN limitations is to consider switching to SD-WAN services. Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is the latest technology that simplifies network configuration and operations, so you can more easily access the entire corporate network through cloud technology anytime and anywhere. This makes it easier for you to monitor data centers and branch offices spread across various regions.

Operational Cost Savings as the Impact of SD WAN in the Digital Era

Several large companies, both at the head office and branch offices, still maintain complex infrastructure such as routers, bandwidth management, WAN optimizers, firewalls and other components. Of course managing and maintaining these devices is not an easy thing.

The presence of SD-WAN is able to simplify various complex infrastructures and package and combine several of these features into one unit. With this simplification of technology, you will certainly understand one of the impacts of SD WAN in the digital era, namely the ease of making policy changes and new configurations across networks of any complex scale in seconds from anywhere.

You will certainly save more on operations for labor. You no longer need to bother sending or placing many company experts at branch offices to control or control the network at each company location.

High Reliability as the Impact of SD WAN in the Digital Era

In order to provide the services and applications needed to perform key business functions, companies with different locations need to use WANs. However, conventional WANs have operational challenges such as jitter, packet loss, network congestion, and frequent outages.

SD WAN is a solution that is able to combine several different WAN connections, including the internet as a whole, to act as one part. When one connection fails, SD WAN can issue automatic failover to your backup connection, so it can be concluded that SD-WAN can guarantee service performance for your connectivity in real time.

Network Security as an Impact of SD WAN in the Digital Era

SD WAN also has a positive impact on increasing WAN work efficiency without compromising network security. SD WAN technology is able to reduce security threats significantly through comprehensive data encryption and micro-segmentation which of course can secure data flows.

When your company is in different locations, you don't need to worry anymore about the security aspect. You can exercise control with a single device that provides notifications in case of a threat.

Have you got an idea of the positive impact of SD WAN in the digital era, especially for your business? As a leading digital service provider, Telkom DWS is ready to help you answer your digital needs, including using SD WAN services.

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