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15 December 2020

Get Instant Feedback via SMS Survey

Customer engagement surveys will help your company improve your profitability and organizational performance by evaluating consumer expectations and therefore improving their level of confidence towards your products and services, as well as improve their loyalty towards your brand. With more and more people using mobile phones, SMS is now becoming the preferred communication channel for many companies to conduct customer engagement surveys. Here is why SMS surveys are good for your business.

Instant way to get customer feedback with easy setup process

People are now carrying mobile phones all the time and whenever an SMS is received, their first reaction will be to immediately open it. Based on a statistic from Mobilesquared, the open rate for SMS is 98% and more than 90% of mobile phone users are opening the SMS they received within the first 3 minutes. This is why getting customer feedback through SMS can provide you with the result instantly compared to other communication platforms. Not only that, setting up your survey through SMS can save you lots of time in comparison with sending all the surveys manually. By implementing a certain SMS survey software, you can utilize built-in templates and automatically schedule your survey, therefore saving your time and effort.

Get better response rate with cost-effective tool

Not only efficient in the set up and distribution, implementing SMS surveys is also very cost-effective. With only a small payment fee for SMS survey software and the fee to send out SMS, you will pay less compared to conducting the customer engagement survey through other methods. You can save money from the employee cost, because preparing the surveys become so easy that you don't need to hire dedicated people to write the questions, send the surveys or make the phone calls. You will also eliminate the cost for paper, printing, and postage.

Better analytics and increase customer engagement

According to a study by SAP SMS Advantage Report, 77% of customers said that SMS surveys are making them feel that the companies they are engaging with are taking a good care of them. We all know that all customers want to feel appreciated and being listened to. That is why implementing SMS surveys is very important to capture what your customers are thinking about your brand. According to Customer Think, SMS generates 6 to 8 times higher engagement rates compared to email when used for data collection and brand awareness. Moreover, by implementing SMS survey software your company can easily track the customer responses and deliveries, therefore providing you with better data analytics to improve your services and business decisions.

Understanding the benefits of implementing SMS surveys for business can help companies be more certain in integrating this feature in their SMS A2P technology. Not only is it easy to deploy and distribute, SMS surveys are also cost-effective and provide you with better insights and therefore improve your customer engagement. SMS survey is a powerful method for data collection and should be used by companies to optimize their business results. It will help you create long-term customer interactions and therefore provide you with a better perspective to make better business decisions. If you are keen to learn more or interested in implementing SMS A2P Indonesia for your business, do not hesitate to contact Telkom DWS representatives through our email or WhatsApp chat.

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