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08 May 2023

Data Center for Company Data Protection

Everything About Company Data

Before discussing further about data centers, it's a good idea to first understand what the concept of enterprise data is like. Basically, there are various types of data in a company. In general, we know that there are 4 types of data, namely published data, ordinary data, confidential data, to highly confidential data.

These four data are generally run by company employees for operational purposes. However, because the employee turnover ratio is so fast, it often causes a problem.

For example, when an employee stops working, he may take some of the company's data with him that is considered confidential. Unfortunately, not all companies are aware of the protection of company data so there are no written provisions for maintaining confidentiality, plus a lack of knowledge about the types of data that exist.

Get to Know What a Data Center Is

From the brief explanation above, it can be seen that company data is very important to protect. It is not surprising that companies will always need a data center as their main requirement.

A data center or data center can be thought of as a room or special place made for the purpose of storing various data in an entity. This data storage itself can be interpreted in many ways, but the most widely known is information or a company's computer server.

In other words, the data stored is not always in physical form that can be held but also in the form of files or software which often doesn't take up much space, but requires internet assistance.

Data Center as a Solution

As a company owner, a data center is certainly a very important thing to have. Not only does it have great benefits, but this data center can be used as a solution for storing various important data files for a company. Why is that?

1. Security guarantee

A data center can be likened to a warehouse with individual locks and locks that you alone can open. Data storage will always be accompanied by various levels of passwords that not everyone knows the form of. This is what will make data protection more secure.

2. Practical storage

Storing company data, especially in the form of software, is considered more practical because all existing data is collected together in a cloud. Thus, when you need to travel for business, these data do not always have to be carried with you, but can be accessed via an internet-connected device.

Minimize expenses

The use of data centers as storage that does not take up much space is believed to reduce the burden on companies in spending excess budgets. That way, company expenses can be allocated to other things that are more important.

Choosing a data center is certainly not an easy matter, especially when it comes to the security and storage of important company data. Therefore, Neucentrix can be the right solution to achieve secure corporate data centralization.

Neucentrix is a data center service managed by PT Telkom and has been connected to various domestic and global network operators. With its various advantages, this neutral data center service should be considered.

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