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20 May 2022

Evolution of the world's popular games

Over the last decades, video games have changed a lot. If you're a 90's kid, you probably enjoyed video games during your childhood. Some of the major consoles that changed many peoples' lives back in the day include the Mega Drive and SNES. These games gave many people company, especially when alone. Not to mention, the 1990s video games had a super-advanced console that left players feeling all nostalgic. 

Never had a chance to experience the 90s gaming? In this article, you'll learn what they were like. 

What were Video Games like in the 90s?

Those who got the chance to experience the 90s video games can attest that it was a golden era of gaming. We can characterize these games by growth in gaming and extraordinary innovation. Since several games were released in the 90s, below are some fantastic PlayStations that were quite interesting. 

1. Mortal Kombat (1992)

This incredible arcade fighting game was released in 1992. It felt so real because of its mysterious lifelike fighters, which blew many gamers' minds. Characters like Sonya and Liu Kang would spill blood after being kicked by roundhouse and uppercuts across the screen. Also, the ripping out of Raiden's heart was quite epic. In general, this video game had terrific graphics that no other developer had ever created. It drove both kids and parents crazy in a unique way. 

2. FIFA International Soccer (1993)

Over the last decade, gamers have experienced a drastic change in FIFA superstars. FIFA's history started in 1993. Back then, it was available for the Game Boy, Mega Drive, the SNES, and Master System. The first FIFA had a pushing console capability that broke the tradition. Also, its isometric view impressed the gamers. While FIFA 93 only featured national teams at the beginning, it continued to grow as years passed. 

3. The elder scrolls: Arena (1994)

Bethesda created this unique magic video game in 1994. Although a lot has changed since its creation, some features are still the same. The game's music and sound effects were worthwhile. It was even better if you had a sound blaster because it heightened the experience extensively. When on this 90s game, you can expect yourself to whirl around your chair looking whether there is a nasty monster right behind you. That sense of anticipation came from the sounds of shuffling produced by Zombies in the game. 

4. Resident Evil (1996)

The resident evil PlayStation started back in 1996. Gamers loved this classic game due to its fantastic mix of monsters, zombies, and puzzles. Despite its haunting visuals, it was an addictive experience for many gamers. Even now, resident evil is still entertaining as gamers look forward to the survival of the horror shooter. 

There were many video games that people loved to play back in the 90s. With the few that we have reviewed, we can all agree that there has been a massive change in how games were developed over the decades. But, games set in the 1990s contributed to the industry's history due to the innovative transition from sprite-based graphics to 3D graphics. 

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