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08 October 2021

GameQoo by Telkom DWS: An Answer for ISP Challenges

Due to restrictions on public activities, we need to spend more time at home and less time outside. This means that the amount of entertainment that people get becomes more limited and confined to the private space. With some entertainment and dining centers being closed for in-visits, people have nowhere to go, and there is an increasing risk of boredom. And with boredom, comes the need to find leisure activities at home. This is why the number of gaming increases rapidly during the Covid-19 pandemic, as noted by Statista.

Play Hard, Be at Ease

Staying at home and gaming frequency has a mutually beneficial relationship. Some more social simulation games such as Animal Crossing provides a decent, virtual substitute for social interactions that are gone during the pandemic. While video games may look like an easy form of escapism from Covid-19, there’s so much more to video games. A study published in May 2021 found that for the majority of people (58%), video games grant cognitive stimulation and positive impacts on mental well-being.

Indonesian Gamers: Limitless Enthusiasm, Limited Devices

How about gaming in Indonesia during the pandemic? According to a recent data, mobile gaming still leads the Indonesian gaming market. Research suggests that this may be caused by “high prices for PC components as well as low availability of cutting-edge console”. In other words, if Indonesian gamers have high gaming enthusiasm, and given the opportunity, they may be eager to play other games. This is where cloud gaming services like GameQoo comes in and offers so much potential for ISPs.

What is GameQoo?

GameQoo is a cloud-based gaming service. What is cloud gaming? It’s a relatively new model of gaming that doesn’t rely on the quality of user devices. Simply put, it’s like Netflix or Disney + for games. Cloud gamers such as GameQoo players can play a range of games without having to own a high-grade gaming console. They don’t even have to download the files to their devices. As long as there’s internet connection, users can play any game that GameQoo offers anytime, anywhere on their own favorite devices.


GameQoo: An Answer for ISP Challenges

For ISPs, having a cloud gaming service will be a unique selling point for your users, especially if ISPs wish to target younger demographic. Deloitte found that instead of spending time on conventional forms of entertainment such as TV programs, gen Z tend to choose other entertainment channels. And the top entertainment source for Gen Z is, you guessed it, video games (26%). The positive response for video games is even considerably higher than engaging in social platforms (11%).

With such high enthusiasm for gaming among young people, ISPs can make lucrative offers for users if they incorporate cloud gaming services to their products. But some might wonder: why can GameQoo possibly offer to improve the competitiveness of an ISP? How can GameQoo stay ahead and surpass the competitiveness of other gaming services? Why would Gen Z gamers consider playing on GameQoo cloud gaming services during the pandemic? Will young gamers keep on using GameQoo?

GameQoo will offer Indonesian cloud gamers the best cloud gaming experience because of three things. First of all, GameQoo is a cloud gaming service with the best servers and lower latency giving gamers the best experience, even for fast-paced multiplayer games. Also, GameQoo is available for even low-spec devices. Anyone with a low-spec device can be a gamer with GameQoo. Last but not least, GameQoo users can try any video game genres they like. From shooters to horror, GameQoo has 70+ games with a catalogue that expands every month.

ISPs can offer solutions for their users, who are currently facing a pandemic boredom. If ISPs stay within conventional means of entertainment and offer old products, it would be difficult to cater for the users’ entertainment needs. GameQoo can be a solution which helps ISPs provide a lucrative product for their users and remain competitive in the market. Incorporating GameQoo to your business will create a new entertainment portfolio, an opportunity to monetize improved service, and stay ahead in the ISP competition.

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