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24 June 2022

Gaming Industry in Common & Indonesia

The Indonesian gaming industry is growing in the right direction because of the rising number of gamers and publishers. Also, the mobile game statistics show that the Indonesian gaming sector has a bright future. 

Understanding the structure of cloud gaming is critical in making games that draw many users. As the gaming technology keeps changing, Indonesia has much in store in this sector. So, we'll focus on the structure of the cloud gaming industry, how to draw gamers based on services, the number of Indonesian game publishers, and the statistics of mobile gaming in Indonesia.

Structure of the Cloud Gaming Industry

The body is divided into three groups: the infrastructure solution provider, the platform solution provider, and the cloud gaming service providers (CGSP). Only the CGSP has the software as a service (SaaS) model. The platform solution provider uses the platform as a service (PaaS) while the infrastructure solution provider uses the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) model.

This SaaS model allows users with a given video game to play it remotely. As for the rest of the cloud gaming’s industrial groups, all the other details are similar.

Users of the IaaS and PaaS have control over the data and video games. Only customers with the IaaS model have control over the O/S. As for the rest of the aspects like the server, storage, and network, only the service provider has complete control in the three models. 

Drawing Gamers based on Services

Various services are essential in attracting many customers in the gaming industry. Customer support is the game’s best-selling place, especially when launching a new service. Most gamers love the social features like the ability to connect with other gamers, social media like Facebook, and using the customer’s wishes to perform.

Every game should have a user-friendly interface to suit different users. Other vital services that impress gamers today are the entertainment value, business and pricing structures, and solution deployment.

How many are Game Publishers in Indonesia?

Today, expect to get over 1464 game publishers from Indonesia. This number is 1% of the possible 173 853 games publishers on Google play from various parts of the world.

The numbers are still low, but they will rise as technology improves daily. If the demand for more Google Play games rises in Indonesia, then expect the percentage of Indonesian game publishers on Google Play to rise.

Mobile Gaming Statistics in Indonesia

Over 1464 Indonesian game publishers have published around 5169 games on Google Play. These publishers have designed games like Bus Simulator Indonesia, Warnet Life, Mobile Bus Simulator, IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator, and Tebak Gambar. The games are only 1% of the games from the Google Play store.

Also, most of these games from Indonesian publishers have an average rating of 3.99 stars out of 5 on the Play Store. The rating is higher than most Google Play store games.

Mobile games made by Indonesian publishers have downloads of over 210 710 in the Google Play store. These numbers are pretty encouraging compared to the average downloads per mobile game, which is over 548.52K.

Only 3% of the Indonesian mobile game publishers monetize their apps. It’s a lower value than the rest of the game publishers, where only 4% get money from the games.

Remember, 17% of the Indonesian mobile games use in-app payments to receive their dues. The number is lower than the percentage of the rest of the overall mobile game publishers, which is at 21%. You'll only get 5% of Indonesian games on iTunes and Google Play Store. It's less than 17% of the mobile games in both stores.

As the world’s gaming sector keeps doing well, Indonesia isn’t left out. The game publishers should focus more on the CGSP part because it has the SaaS model that gives more freedom to the users. This nation has the number of gamers and game publishers on the rise, which is an encouraging sign. Also, Indonesia’s numbers on the Google Play Store and iTunes are doing well.

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