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16 November 2022

Get to Know Ransomware Attacks

Technology grows daily, but ransomware attacks will remain a significant threat in 2022. Such problems affect organizations in many nations, including Indonesia.

Studies show that around 31% of companies closed or suspended their activities because of ransomware attacks in 2022. It is because the cost of handling these effects in various businesses isn’t cheap.

So, here you’ll know the trends of ransomware attacks in Indonesia in 2022 and the cost of cybersecurity in 2022. Also, you’ll learn about the types of businesses vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Attacks in Indonesia in 2022

Like the rest of the world, Indonesian companies that embrace technology also face ransomware attacks. So far in 2022, the nation has experienced over 700 million cyberattacks.

More than a third of the attacks came in the first half of 2022. These cases involve criminals asking the affected companies for a ransom to release their essential data. In January alone, various organizations reported 272,962,734 cases. Indonesia has these high numbers because attackers have an easy time growing their activities and exploiting insecure organizations. 

But as of February, these worrying numbers faced a downward trend. Most of these attacks now have a record of fewer than 100 million attacks per month. It shows that most companies now dwell on keeping their data safe from cyber insecurities.

Ransomware Attack on Cloud

Many businesses are adopting great cloud technology. So, cybercriminals directed many of their ransomware attacks toward cloud computing.

Cloud computer hackers ask for payouts through cryptocurrencies and other new forms of electronic payments. It’s because your company won’t be able to trace their details after transactions.

Your cloud storage will be an easy target for criminals because of its simplicity and accessibility. Also, hackers use technical and engineering ways to access your company’s data illegally. Remember, criminals will only decrypt your valuable data after you have granted them their wishes. 

But still, you can shield your cloud storage from ransomware attacks. These measures revolve around identity, protection, detection, response, and recovery. They’ll help your organization’s data become safe as you serve your clients.

The True Cost of Cybersecurity in 2022

Investing in protecting your business against cyberattacks is expensive but worth it. Here, you’ll focus on more than one line of defense.

Begin by training your employees on using shared cloud storage. Ensure you show them how to identify various ransomware threats. Some strategies to spot danger entail encrypting critical information and learning how to steal data before encrypting it.

As a manager, invest more resources in updating your cloud storage. It reduces the chances of hackers reaching your data through malware.

Consider backing up your business’ data and using ransomware recovery technology. Your company’s information will be safe from these attacks.

Types of Businesses Vulnerable to Ransomware Attacks

Today, any business that uses modern technology to run its activities faces the threat of ransomware attacks. But the attacks targeted most financial institutions and local governments. 

Such places have essential information that affects the public, who are their customers. For example, in 2022, 30% of attacks went to academic institutions and government offices in Indonesia. Also, the private sector and law firms feel the pain of ransomware threats.

Technology is growing every day. It is a positive trend, but many threats come with it. Ransomware attacks are among the many issues that affect positive growth in technology. But the companies that use cloud computing feel the most pain from ransomware attacks. These businesses cut across the private sector and the government. Investing more in cybersecurity reduces the risk of ransomware attacks in organizations.

So, if your business relies on cloud computing, you should worry less about ransomware attacks. We will provide you with a safe cloud service. Visit our page to learn more.

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