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22 April 2021

Growing Your Business with Colocation Data Center

Utilizing technology is not only about cloud computing and no physical infrastructure. Cloud computing and managing data on cloud needs some physical infrastructure to support the IT systems, especially if you customize the system for your business. 

Building the physical infrastructure for your IT system needs well-prepared planning. Sometimes it can’t afford small and medium enterprises, meanwhile they need IT infrastructure to grow their businesses. Colocation can be the solution for physical IT and data infrastructure. 

Colocation is a hosting option utilized for businesses that can provide a comprehensive service plan package. The service plan that they can support includes: Security, redundancy, and connectivity. 

Instead of building the private data location from zero, outsourcing colocation will give you some benefits.

Check out colocation data center benefits below:

1. Flexibility for Scale Up

As your business grows, you need to scale up your infrastructure to serve your customers better. Some businessmen may forget to consider scaling up the IT infrastructure when their business is running well. 

Whereas, it’s important to keep your business running and steady all the time. When your business grows, you can upgrade the services based on your needs. 

The flexibility can be applied when you are trying something new for your business. If you have new innovation or initiatives within your business, such as launching new applications, you can provision additional rack space in the data center. 

When the application does not work as expected, you can scale services back to previous levels.

2. The Options of Interconnectivity

Utilize a carrier-neutral data center that provides a broad range, gives connectivity options for your business. It can be more beneficial than a private facility. 

In addition, the high cost of building the physical infrastructure for the private data center, you need more budget for new cabling and integrate it with all the facilities to lead service providers.

Colocation that can provide multiple internet service providers, network services, and cloud platforms, make many businesses run easier. These are the reasons why the company utilizes colocation for their data center.

3. The Better Reliability for Uptime 

Each colocation has their own uptime reliability, but it can have more advantages than physical infrastructure for private data centers with long system downtime that can damage your data. 

It can happen due to the lack of efficient power and cooling infrastructure. Colocation pays attention to the supply power, to run the infrastructure well. The system downtime might happen, but only for a short time; so your data can be saved.

4. Improved Resource Allocation

The cost for building physical infrastructure for a data center is not only for building the infrastructure. 

In addition, the company should also plan the budgeting for staff equipment mainte0ce, security system, and moreover when you need to upgrade your data center.

Outsourcing colocation, not only reduces your cost to running the operational for data managing. It can provide for all your task requirements, while you focus on your core business. 

You no need to think about how to maintain the operation of a data center day-to-day.

5. Security and Compliance

Digitalization and utilizing the data can not be used carelessly. That’s why there are some rules to save your customers data. 

The data theft can be used for digital criminalization. If you do not save your data carefully, you risk losing your customer. 

Colocation has the capacity not only for managing your data, but also to save your data carefully and complying with the local regulations. 

So, it can help you to avoid errors because of the unknown regulations and definitely save you from unwanted lawsuits.

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