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14 October 2022

Impact of ESports on Students

Esports not only allow students to compete but also boost their communication skills, teamwork, mental toughness, and other skills that can result in careers. But, as a parent, you might wonder how esports would benefit your kid because video games are considered a destructor from doing homework.

However, this article will change that narrative. Esports is more than just gaming and can help students achieve educational goals. For better understanding, we'll explain what esports is and its benefits to students' social and cognitive development, as well as benefits to their academic career and future.

What is Esport?

In full, esport stands for electronic sport, which is a planned competitive video gaming. It involves teams that compete against each other to win a certain amount of money. Functionally, it is similar to traditional sports.

Benefits of Esport for Students' Cognitive and Social Development

Schools that participate in digital esports have a significant impact on their students. It helps develop their cognitive and social skills through the following benefits:

❖ Better problem-solving skills: According to studies, kids who engage in video games are more likely to navigate through complex psychological challenges than those who don't play video games.

❖ Esports build interpersonal relationships: Students become better at working with coaches and teammates when they play video games. Social skills like using appropriate body language and maintaining eye contact improve with time. Also, they become better at sharing ideas with other students.

❖ Improved strategic thinking and planning: Like regular sports, in esports, a student needs to plan a game, learn to establish tactics, and execute them. Therefore, participating in esports helps kids think quickly and strategically to achieve set goals.

❖ Enhanced brain function and capabilities: Video gaming has several benefits for the brain. For instance, it improves memory, visual perception, attention, and focus. These are excellent skills that help students in gaming and have significance in their academic performance and overall well-being.

Benefits of Esport for Students' Academic Career and Future

Apart from the above valuable development gains, participating in esports is advantageous for a student's academic life and future. Here are two main benefits:

Esports offers peer connections and academic scholarship opportunities

What differentiates esports gaming from at-home gaming is its academic gain. Esports tournaments allow students from different cultures and backgrounds to connect, boosting their interest in higher education. Also, it offers students a pathway to significant scholarships and university opportunities.

● Chance to explore STEM concepts and career paths

Participating in esports programs helps students pursue STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) pathways in universities and their careers. For instance, a student can use gameplay stats to learn mathematics skills through data analysis, which can boost stronger tactics in the future. Also, thanks to the technology aspect, students will be able to explore computers, processing, and more significant concepts like video game programming.


Esports is an expanding area of study in schools, colleges, and universities due to its significant benefits. Besides, starting an esports team is pretty simple. So, if you're looking for extracurricular options for your school, esports is an incredible addition. You can also check our website to understand more about cloud-based gaming service. 

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