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16 September 2022

IoT for Environmental Sustainability

Today, the growth in technology is much related to environmental care. Innovations like IoT have much potential to make people protect the environment.

Various sectors gain from the use cases of IoT for environmental care. This post will look at how IoT helps sustain the environment, its applications, and the use cases in sustaining the environment.

Ways IoT help with Environmental Sustainability

IoT is here to help protect the environment even as technology keeps growing in these ways.

1. Energy Efficiency

IoT systems and devices help companies and governments be responsible for energy usage. It can be through automatic reporting about energy usage, big data collection, and power consumption analysis. Besides reducing much energy wastage, IoT helps companies create renewable energy fast.

2. Less Carbon Footprint

The rise in carbon levels in the atmosphere causes much global warming. There will be fewer carbon levels in the air using IoT sensors and data analysis technology like CarbFix. Data that devices collect helps in making proper decisions in reducing carbon levels.

3. Checking e-waste

Companies spend many resources on managing e-waste. But through IoT technology, companies can have eco-friendly devices to monitor hardware health status. It's because of smart monitoring systems which reduce e-waste levels.

4. Water Preservation

Saving and preserving water is one of the key ways IoT helps the world. Through IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI), there's proper garbage collection on water bodies. Also, it's easy to note or predict illegal activities reducing water quality.

5. Productive Agriculture

Agriculture is among the backbone factors of many nations. Smart and data-driven agricultural activities promote crop and animal health and soil status and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Applications of IoT that Safeguard the Environment

Here are the seven best applications of IoT that can help protect the environment.

❖ Smart Energy

Today, businesses use IoT devices to manage their power supply chains. Smart management systems reduce money spent on energy and carbon release. Also, data that the devices collect helps companies attain environmental sustainability.

❖ Smart Waste Management

IoT uses wireless sensors to reduce waste and garbage collection problems. Here, waste facility managers access real-time data about garbage. It helps them plan how to dispose of waste without destroying the environment.

❖ Fleet Management

The rising number of vehicles leads to a rise in carbon (IV) oxide emissions. IoT sensors in the fleet provide key information about various cars. It helps with proper route planning, maintaining cars, and improving road morals.

❖ Smart Water Monitoring

Through IoT sensors and wireless connections, authorities can collect data from water places. Also, sensors detect any leakages and avoid water wastage.

❖ Smart Agriculture

Here, IoT provides smart farming systems to sustain the green world. Farmers can also collect data about agricultural practices. So, they'll know more about conditions that can affect crop and animal health.

Use Cases of IoT Environment Monitoring

Let's find out the best use cases of how IoT protects the environment.

1. Monitoring Water Quality

Through smart water monitoring systems, companies can test water well. The technology helps them see contaminants, oxygen, and pH levels. In the end, it will be for the benefit of public health.

2. Checking on Air Quality

Various industries and machines release harmful gases and chemicals into the air. IoT provides cities with insights to make correct planning mechanisms to reduce emissions. Some places use IoT to manage traffic and reduce air pollution.

3. Monitor Power

IoT is here to help reduce cases of energy wastage in companies. Also, IoT technology provides management tools and plans to improve energy usage.

4. Detecting Toxic Gases

Companies use smart IoT devices and systems to improve air quality in the atmosphere. It becomes easy to know the harmful gases before they cause any further dangers to people. The IoT devices detect and provide early and key alerts to the system to take necessary safety steps.


Technology like the IoT greatly impacts the world greener and safer. Governments and companies now adopt various green practices using IoT devices and systems. Also, they invest more in the IoT to protect the environment. You can contact us on WhatsApp at +62 821-4749-4005 to learn more about how IoT helps keep the environment greener.

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