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15 September 2022

IoT to improve workplace efficiency

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) has changed every aspect of our lives, from how we interact to how we work. It allows people to work together with the help of technology, leading to improved productivity.

Since IoT has the capability to integrate smart devices with the web, employees can manage their work remotely. Also, most businesses are doing things differently because intelligent offices depend on IoT solutions. In this article, we'll discuss how IoT has improved the current workplace, its support and its benefits to the smart office.

IoT applications enhancing the current workplace

Companies implement IoT in different ways to create intelligent offices. Here are some specific applications of IoT in a workplace environment:

1. Access control: - Instead of conventional locks and keys, IoT comes with more innovative electronic access control devices. You can easily manage your workplace security with just a smartphone app. Through biometric scanners and eye recognition systems, people can also gain entry into company offices. Due to this advanced security, only the right people can access specific places. 

2. Smart furniture: - Since prolonged sitting is linked to chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems, IoT smart furniture provides solutions. For example, employees can easily change from sitting to standing, thanks to automatically adjustable desks.

3. Smart lighting: - You can lower your company's energy bill with smart lighting. Lights are now wireless, and that helps staff manage their workplace lighting. For example, brands like Philips Hue lights allow you to control outdoor lights with a simple tap on your mobile phone.

4. Intelligent scheduling systems: - With the help of smart devices, employees can plan virtual and physical meetings. Also, a company can use an intelligent scheduling system to access floor maps, manage equipment, and share documents.

5. Digital assistants: - After proving smart home devices are capable home managers, innovative digital assistants are now occupying the work environment. Assistants like Alexa can help a business with setting up room temperature, auto dialing calls, and attending virtual meetings. This has changed how jobs are operated and will never be the same again.

How does IoT support the smart office?

Like most digital transformations, IoT ensures an office space gets a fully equipped intelligent ecosystem. It ensures that office spaces are responsive with the help of smart devices, IoT-connected appliances, security cameras, energy resources such as LED lights and other IoT gadgets. An IoT-enabled workspace leads to efficiency and flexibility, and that's what most companies are looking for.

Benefits of IoT for a smart office

Automating your offices with IoT comes with a couple of benefits, including the following:

  1. A comfortable working space
  2. More efficient power resources
  3. Boosted employee performance and productivity
  4. Safer workplace environment
  5. Well-organized business operations

Over the decades, the internet has changed how we communicate and do business. When IoT came into play, companies started to experience unimaginable levels of cost efficiencies, productivity, and many other benefits. Therefore, you won't go wrong with automating your offices with IoT. You can contact our WhatsApp at +62 821-4749-4005 if you need IoT solutions for your company. 

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