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23 June 2022

The Power of Cloud Gaming in Cloud Industry

Imagine playing or streaming your favorite game anywhere and anytime. This thought is possible because of cloud computing and gaming technology. As it grows, cloud gaming will be the next big talk in the gaming industry.

You’ll need a smartphone or computer with fast internet speeds to enjoy cloud gaming. Today, there are over 3.8 billion smartphone users. It shows a chance for cloud gaming to make the gaming sector hit the best level. Let’s now focus on how cloud gaming changes the gaming industry, its revolution, and how 5G will help it grow.

How Cloud Gaming Changes Gaming Industry

As the years go by, cloud gaming attracts many people to the video gaming world. According to a study done by Entertainment Software Association (ESA), over 64% of adults play video games in the USA today. Also, the world gaming industry is expected to have a value of around 256.97 USD by 2025.

These numbers will even rise with better technology in the cloud gaming sector. This mode of gaming needs a stable internet connection to make the servers work smooth and fast. Various gaming companies have adopted the cloud gaming aspect. The technology has attracted many users and revenue to these companies. 

Revolution of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming first made a move in the tech market in June 2010.  The Borderlands and Darksiders were the first games on cloud gaming.

Later on, the first company to use cloud gaming experienced adverse reactions from its users because of lagging and poor display quality. So, such complaints made users have poor gameplay in the first two games. These complaints made the group sell its cloud gaming technology to Sony.

This incredible technology is like the online Tv shows streaming platforms, but it’s pure gaming here. Cloud gaming has attracted many people to the tech and gaming industry for over ten years. Many people have found it tricky to download heavy games like Assassin’s Creed.

Expect to get many companies that offer cloud gaming services. Some companies will charge you a monthly fee to access the games, while others allow you to pay per game.

You can stream content on cloud gaming through low latencies and large bandwidth. Using a strong, fast, and stable internet connection, you’ll enjoy your time on these cloud gaming platforms.

Yes, cloud gaming has various setbacks that can make users dismiss it. Users need a virtual PC set-up to avoid lags when many players are on the servers. Though lagging isn’t a common problem, it can dawn on you when you are at the peak moment of your game.

The controllers on a smartphone make cloud gaming more like an uphill task. Remember, without a strong 4G or 5G internet; you won’t enjoy playing games on the cloud. As technology keeps growing, expect cloud gaming services providers to deal with these challenges. 

5G Power for Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming allows users to play games online using rented servers. As this fantastic way of gaming keeps growing, a strong and fast internet connection allows users to play the latest games. Through the 5G power network, cloud gamers can play many games well because of low latencies and high speeds.

Some games are PUB G, Crossfire, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and Tom Clancy’s rainbow six. Also, the 5G networks allow cloud gamers to enjoy the experience of heavy multi-player graphics online games like PUB G.

Without the fast 5G internet, you’ll need a high-end PC or smartphone to play these games. Like the AR and virtual-reality technologies, the cloud gaming service providers push to ensure that users who can’t afford the costly gaming hardware.

The cloud gaming service providers and 5G network companies can work together to ensure that this sector grows fast. Besides enjoying the speeds and quality of the games, users should also afford the 5G internet service plans. It will draw many players on board. 

Cloud computing and gaming make users enjoy games on devices with software features’ hindrances. The cloud game technology was first available in 2010 in 2010, but it didn’t do well because of various challenges. Today, many service providers offer cloud gaming platforms. The adoption of the 5G network will make cloud gaming better in the coming years.

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