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27 December 2022

Get to Know the Role of SD WAN in Your Industrial World

SD WAN is the latest technology in the digital world and as an important decision maker in a company, you need to know the role of SD WAN in the industrial world.

The era of digitalization has rolled on and is a big challenge for every industrial world to be able to adapt by accommodating various existing technological developments. One of the things that needs to be adapted is SD WAN, as one of the preferred technology solutions in maximizing business operations and efforts to achieve digital transformation.

SD WAN stands for software-defined which is applied to WAN (wide area network) connections. SD WAN is becoming a new standard in ensuring consistent quality of service. The benefits of SD WAN are to help control and manage a centralized cloud-based network and strengthen user connections to secure applications, whether MPLS networks, broadband internet, or LTE/5G.

Because Telkom DWS understands the important role of SD WAN in your industrial world, we want to share information based on the category of business that you are in.

Retail Business

With more than half of Indonesia's population using smartphones for retail transactions, expansion is important. However, various obstacles may occur, such as providing network infrastructure at each branch, scheduling technicians to each branch to install complex network equipment, and performing network configuration and policy updates at each branch for network access to the required applications.

By using SD WAN you will be assisted in expanding your retail business. Activating connectivity quickly and cost-efficiently is one of the advantages of SD WAN compared to when you use a conventional WAN. In addition, the ability of SD WAN to accommodate the performance of various cloud applications will provide potential for revenue generation and create a good use experience.


In the global manufacturing industry, digital technology has the potential to change dynamics, especially with the presence of augmented reality, robotics and IoT. To optimize it, your IT team needs to carefully evaluate their network capabilities, especially in remote locations, and the right digital strategy.

SD WAN plays a role in increasing the adoption of wireless communication technology and IoT devices for manufacturing sector innovation in Indonesia. SD WAN also supports connectivity in technology devices, especially in reaching remote and difficult to reach operating locations. The SD WAN solution enables manufacturing companies to fully exploit the advantages of connected IoT devices.


Healthcare or the health industry is another industrial sector that requires service acceleration using the latest technology. With demands to create higher service quality at lower costs, comply with various health regulations and improve patient satisfaction, the healthcare industry needs to turn to technological innovations such as telemedicine, virtual reality and artificial intelligence (VR & AR), big data, cloud, and IoT.

The above problems can be overcome through the implementation of a software-defined SD WAN solution. SD WAN provides the visibility needed across the network, allowing you to centrally manage your network, prioritize data and application traffic, and can help improve network security.

Banks, Financial Services, and Insurance

Most financial institutions in Indonesia generally try to increase reliability and security for each of their customers. Unfortunately, traditional WAN networks are still not reliable and are burdening the financial services industry with high bandwidth costs.

By using SD WAN technology, financial institutions will be helped to optimize bandwidth utilization and also improve application performance needed by financial services with broad network visibility. In addition, SD-WAN can also reduce overall operational costs by utilizing efficient connectivity access.


In the energy sector, most IT departments are required to carry out various activities that can reduce costs without reducing the quality of business operations required. SD WAN provides a network solution for the energy industry where this technology is able to integrate cloud environments and various leading SaaS.

With proper SD WAN integration, the performance of energy companies will be even greater, being able to provide the best quality of service and lower the cost of additional capacity. The role of SD WAN in the energy industry will help revenue growth, maintain the health of the company's cash flow, and increase the competitiveness of the energy industry in challenging times.

By knowing the role of SD WAN in your industrial world, you need the right partner. Telkom DWS can be your best partner in using various digital technologies in your various industrial lines.

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