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19 June 2020

Communication that Matters: CPaaS 101 During Critical Times

As the world enters a “New Normal” phase due to COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are required to act quickly and effectively during this time of crisis. Deferred decisions and delayed actions will have immediate and longer-term business consequences. To avoid business disruption, protect employees, and continue to serve customers, companies need to implement effective communication solutions to enable them improve their internal collaboration and customer experience. To manage the impact of constant business changes, especially during the time of uncertainty, choosing Communication Platforms as a Platform (CPaaS) will help your business achieve flexibility, adaptability, and affordability. With CPaaS, you can embed the real-time communication solutions and crucial features that you need into your existing tools and applications. 

What is CPaaS, how does it work, and what does it mean for you? CPaaS is a platform of rich APIs, providing programmable communication solutions that will allow companies to upgrade their communication channels with valuable features for their business, including voice, video, and SMS. CPaaS solutions can be embedded through APIs (Application Program Interfaces) or through a comprehensive pre-built CPaaS system that is designed to fulfill the different needs of each company. Currently, the demand for CPaaS continues to grow, with an estimate of USD 10.9B worth of value by 2022. 

The consistent development of the communication market will allow CPaaS to continue to provide your business with competitive advantage, including valuable features, affordable and easy-to-implement solutions, as well as flexibility and custom services. Unlock valuable features to your existing communication stack As businesses move away from a traditional on-premise environment to a more advanced cloud ecosystem, CPaaS will allow you to go beyond the basics communication landscape and explore more disruptive new tools, including sending alerts and notifications, sending out surveys or blast campaigns through IVR (interactive voice response), generate chat bot, as well as virtual assistance for online customer service. 

Stay competitive with affordable and easy-to-implement solution With CPaaS, you can quickly create and add real-time communications with programmable APIs to your apps. CPaaS will allow you to be flexible and provide you with faster time to market by having drag and drop design tools to create workflows for voice, SMS, e-mail, and video. Like all services provided in the cloud, CPaaS also offers more affordable solutions with huge ROI for your business. Quickly adapt to changes with flexible solution and custom services CPaaS will provide you with freedom to add new elements to your communication stack whenever you learn something new about what your stakeholder needs without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces. 

The scalability of CPaaS will help you develop apps quickly and easily to differentiate your services from your competitors. Understanding CPaaS, you can learn how this platform can help your business to digitally transform in facing the “New Normal”. CPaaS will help your company to improve internal operations, external communications and customer service, as well as expand the profitability of your business. With the power of CPaaS, business can help deliver the essential services needed to more effectively manage the crisis.

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