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26 July 2021

Wholesale Video Conference: Solution for Optimal Virtual Meeting

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies around the world to conduct most of their meetings online. It’s no wonder that the market size of video conferencing has been very lucrative lately, standing at US$5,970.3 million. Yet, business meetings require certain perks that generalist virtual conferencing platforms cannot accommodate. 

Various executives have complained about the limitations of several video conferencing platforms that they use. Barriers include slow decision-making due to barriers for attendees to express their ideas spontaneously; failure to convey non-verbal cues as well as the lack of compatibility of these platforms with different devices, resulting in compromised video quality. Internet connection breaks also cause participants to miss out on important details or get left behind in the trail of information.

Introducing the Wholesale Video Conference

To fill the gap left by currently-existing virtual conferencing platforms, Wholesale Video Conference has been launched by the Telkom Wholesale Business Division (Telkom DWS) to help businesses enjoy a smoother virtual communications ride, making meetings more efficient and fruitful.

The platform addresses the above mentioned problems through its various product features, including downloadable MP4 meeting recordings and video recordings that can be converted to MP4. It helps all participants gain access to the entire conversation covered in the meeting, solving problems brought by connection breaks. It also has a whiteboarding feature, allowing participants to convey their presentations better as it helps the participants to draw flowcharts, matrices, etc. to get their message across, while making up for the lack of nonverbal cue comprehension. It also has a YouTube simultaneous sharing feature, allowing participants who cannot open the platform to attend the meeting on their YouTube application. Users are also free to share YouTube videos through the platform. It also has a collaborative document sharing feature, ideal for drafting new documents or contents remotely.

Then, it also has the basics, including a webinar feature, allowing you to conduct an online seminar with all protocols made easy, raise hand for participation as well as a mute/unmute feature. It also helps distinguish speaker status while allowing participants to view the videos in tile mode. The platform also has a video adjustment feature.

Benefits for businesses

The Wholesale Video Conference platform offers several benefits for wholesale clients. The benefits include new revenue stream, complementary gimmick when selling digital services and a happy addition to digital service portfolio. Furthermore, the platform also allows businesses to churn out video conference services with good quality and security (including data security) in a platform which is easy to maintain. It is also suitable to how meetings are conducted in Indonesia (with their long durations). The platform is also suitable for global and domestic customers alike.

Meanwhile, for end-users (meeting participants), additional features such as whiteboard and document sharing can help make up for nonverbal cues, which can be missing in virtual meetings and high-quality videos. The simultaneous document sharing, video extraction and livestreaming functions also allow meeting participants to keep up with minutes they miss in case of network interruption.

In addition, Wholesale Video Conference is supported by white-label feature that allows wholesalers to embed their own brand to reach their clients more personally. 

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