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26 June 2024

Key to Company Success: Optimizing Company Communication with Employees

Managing human resources with diverse characters and skills will have a positive impact on the company. This can be achieved through open and effective communication among all elements in the company, as good communication and information exchange will help achieve the company's goals. Telkom, as a provider of information and communication services, offers a solution for your company, namely OCA (Omnichannel Communication Assistant). OCA uses CPaaS technology that can help your company improve productivity and efficiency with integrated communication solutions. There are 3 OCA products that your company can use according to its needs:

1. OCA Blast: users can send instant and automatic messages through various communication channels equipped with features that can enhance Customer Experience

2. OCA Interaction: controlling all communication channels with one real-time dashboard, anywhere and anytime

3. OCA API: a service that allows users to integrate their systems into OCA

OCA is a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) that allows for synergy of communication channels in one dashboard and massive message dissemination. OCA can help establish effective and efficient communication between the company and its employees, ensuring that information dissemination is always up to date. Fast, Automatic, Easy, Optimal, Scheduled. OCA, a trusted one-stop solution with flexible services for your business. 

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