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31 October 2022

The future of cyber security

Technology is growing at a very high speed, and with it comes many challenges. One of the significant challenges that technology companies and IT specialists face is cyber security. While necessary steps have been taken to counter this problem, we still have a long way to go. 

Research shows that companies face a lot of challenges when it comes to dealing with these cyber-attacks. According to a survey by Forbes, companies with websites face at least one cyber-attack in their time of operation. Read on as we tell you more about cyber security and why it is important to customers and businesses.  

Components of security technology 

Creating a holistic cyber security system relies on four main components. These elements contribute to the success of a cyber-security system that prevents malware, identity theft, and much more. They include the following.  

● Deterrence: This is one of the most effective security technology strategies used to reduce the risk incurred in a security breach. It works similarly to a physical barrier or fence. 

● Detention: Detention includes implementing the latest security that helps companies quickly notice a security breach. It can send an alarm to alert security personnel of any violation in real-time. 

● Prevention:  This element, which differs from deterrence, aims to halt or impede the progression of an incursion or breach. Examples of security technologies in this area include access restrictions, password protection, and multi-factor authentication.

● Response: Almost certainly, there will be security breaches. Therefore, the appropriate technology aids businesses in responding to problems in a timely and precise manner. Facility lockdowns, remote management and monitoring, and the capability to transmit live footage feed to first authorities are all excellent security technology products that include this component.

Scope of cyber security 

Cyber security is an integral part of the tech industry and comes with a wide range of related sub-sectors. This includes the following: 

● Cyber security analytics

● Network security 

● Incident response

● Penetration test 

● DevSecOps engineering

● Digital forensics  

Importance of cyber security for both businesses and customers 

In the past, many companies and customers took cyber security lightly but suffered the pain of cyber-attacks and data theft. This made it essential for companies to implement more cyber security mechanisms. Here are some reasons why cyber security is vital for these companies and customers. 

It helps businesses and customers avert the risk that comes with the rising rate of worldwide cybercrime. 

It helps reduce the number of attacks brought by the constant use of IoT and AI-powered devices. 

The increasing use of technology and reliance on cloud computing services call for better cyber security measures.

Cyber security helps businesses avoid the risk of ransomware and other attacks from the dark web and crypto scams. 

It protects your business from being exposed to unauthorized personnel data access.   

Cyber security is an essential aspect of the tech industry, and businesses must improve it. While significant improvements have been made to caution against this menace, significant advancements like block-chain technology will cement cyber security.  

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