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01 January 2021

Stepping to a Great 2021

The year 2020 is almost over, and 2021 is almost here. As the new year is growing near, new opportunities will also arise. Although at the end of 2020 DWS has thrived and proved its growth, we still need to prepare for the new challenges in 2021. To grab opportunities quickly and prepare for challenges prudently, DWS applies decoupling strategy and has consistently made careful preparations over the year while mapping the risks along with the possibility of turning them into chances.

Dubbed DWS GREAT 2021, Telkom DWS’ plan for next year has been accompanied with actions executed with hard work. In Securing Full Year 2020 and Accelerating Towards 2021, DWS has initiated three masterpieces: “Indonesia 5G Wholesale Business”, “Indonesia content gateway”, and “Best in Class Customer Experience”. Aside from being our way to prepare for the monetization of Telkom’s 5G Future State Architecture, these masterpieces accelerate Global Digital Hub and provide excellent service for customers.

To prepare for Indonesia 5G Wholesale Business, our primary aim is to leverage and monetize Telkom’s 5G FSA. This would require the prioritization of the implementation of FSA for Telkomsel’s 5G network and service requirements. In parallel, aggregating 5G Wholesale to provide FSA as a 5G service for other service providers will be necessary. We also need to align Indonesia content gateway with FSA for 5G readiness.

For our next masterpiece, Indonesia Content Gateway, we wish to deliver top quality in class content interconnection gateway, by expanding neucentrIX, our data centers, to have a strong local coverage in the country, as the data center itself is part of this masterpiece program. This means that we must monitor and update our digital platform readiness as well as our traffic monetization service. Here, traffic control and internet security will be of top importance as Value Add Service is monetized.

Maximizing Telkom values in CX through DWS Digital Touch Point will be our strategy in crafting our third masterpiece, as we aim to be the Best in Class Customer Experience. After “All Journey for Quick Win 2020”, our focus next year would be to implement “All product and journey for ultimate goal 2021”, for measured customer experience through NPS (Net Promoter Score). As the world braces itself for 5G, we are getting ready for 5G customer experience. As much as 46% has been completed for this masterpiece, with 6 key results and 16 activities in progress.

The road to a great 2021 is certainly not easy as it is filled with potential risks and obstacles. First, the government at the moment cannot guarantee that 5G internet can be ready in 3 years. This will lead to challenges in regulations and may cause delay for Telkom’s 5G penetration. Second, many villages haven’t been connected to the Internet, and without communication and coordination, Telkom can struggle with market domination in rural areas. Furthermore, competitors who achieve latest ISO certifications potentially acquire DWS’ existing clients

Nevertheless, Telkom DWS always sees opportunities in existing challenges. First, by maximizing resources, handling bureaucracy-related risk well can put Telkom as the front runner. Secondly, along with offering competitive prices, DWS can collaborate with APJII and Content Application Provider (CAP) to be the pioneer in developing internet connection in many rural areas. Meanwhile, to face challenges from competitors, DWS will improve the quality of service and strive for excellence, adding plus values to customers.

Mr. Erik Orbandi (EVP of DWS) once stated, “DWS employees must train themselves to dream.” Telkom DWS completed its 2020 work with outstanding growth. Nevertheless, we aim to improve even further, as dreaming something more than what we are is one of the values that Telkom DWS embraces. We will step into 2021 with the same (if not better) resilience, flexibility, speed, prudence, and optimism that have made us stand tall all these years. And we hope you will, too. Wishing you tons of fortune and fun for your 2021!

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